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Rogue trader, noone will help, he is protected by data protection law

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  • Rogue trader, noone will help, he is protected by data protection law

    Ok, so I bought a car from a guy who is pretending to be a private seller, but he is a private trader.

    He sold me a Seat Leon, which I have since found out was written off last year, and has a massive list of problems, including replacing the damp mouldy carpet.

    I have contacted action fraud, they actually failed to send the report when I called back today, so that has only gone through today.
    I have contacted trading standards
    Police obviously fobbed me off and where not interested.

    I have also since found he is using a fake name online. I do however have his real address.
    Land registry came up with a housing association, which refuse to give his real name. and the other companies previously listed wont help to get his real name.

    Everyone I contact basically dont want to do anything, just tell me to get legal advice, even when they where the company given to get legal advice.

    I have the link to write the letter that citizens advice send, but because I cant get the guys real name, im stuck.

    Im so angry that the data protection law protects fraudsters in every avenue I take.
    Even the DVLA wont give me the details of previous owner.

    I cant afford a lawyer, i spent all my money on this dodgy car.

    Any positive advice would be great.
    Please no smarmy, you should have done this type responses. Obviously I know now what to look for etc..
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  • #2
    We don't do 'smarmy'. Just so you know. There's no point, what's done is done.

    How did you pay? Cash ? How much was the car ?

    How did you find the car for sale ?
    Do you have the original advert ?
    Where did you pick it up from ?
    Do you have the V5 ?

    When you say he pretended to be a private seller 'but he is a private trader' do you mean he is a trader, not a private seller ?
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    • #3
      Don't you have the V5C document, that should give you the name of the registered keeper.

      The DVLA should give out registered keeper information if there is a reasonable cause to do so. The list isn't exhaustive but a person selling a vehicle for fraudulent purposes would, in my view, count as a reasonable cause. You've not actually given us the reason why the DVLA won't disclose the information to you and/or how you went about requesting that information.

      If you want to obtain the details of that person then your only way really is to make an application to Court for an order to disclose that information. There's no guarantee that the registered keeper of the vehicle is going to be the same person you dealt with, so if there is any application to be made, you are better off bringing it against the housing association.

      You could try, as a cheaper alternative, to speak to a tracing agent and get them to carry out some kind of check on that address and see if it pops up a name. A company like Vilcol might be able to assist (https://www.vilcol.com/uk-tracing-services).

      Unfortunately, all roads are going to come at a cost, some more than others.

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      • #4
        Go and ask his neighbours
        Be subtle and his name might pop up1


        • #5
          Funnily enough I went to ask his neighbours today.
          One of them hates him, says he is always in and out the house up to dodgy dealings.

          He is Muslim, and has family on the same street, so it was pointless asking a lot of them.
          The neighbour didnt know his name, but is going to ask around.
          His wife was also in on the scam. When I confronted her when she let slip it wasnt his real name.

          I do have his address at least, but I even spoke to a police office on the way who was on duty, who basically backed up that people like that are protected these days with data protection law, and he couldnt even come with me to find out his name, because basically then he could be sued for doing that.


          That is the guy, but he also has ads on other websites under the name Muhammed



          I do have the original ad, I did a screenshot.
          He told me it was his sisters car, but of course it wasnt.
          The same day he bough a new car which he told me was for his sister, is now outside his house.

          Basically he is the classic rogue trader, using fake names, and selling dodgy cars as if it is a family car or his own.

          I feel so let down by the law, I had a mountain bike stolen a couple of weeks back alsoand even though there was ccvt around they were not interested, and the places with cctv wouldnt give it to me.

          I spent all my money on the car, so cant afford legal advice even if I wanted to.
          I hate that this guy is getting away with this.

          He is living off benefits. I did a land registry check, and it brings up connect housing in Leeds, who also wouldnt supply his name.
          They also didnt care that he was a rogue trader.

          I cant sell the car, because im not dishonest and would list everything wrong with it.

          worse thing is, I sold my old car for £350 because I listed the problems but actually was a perfectly good car which obviously I regret now.

          The thing is, even if he was forced to buy the car back, I dont see that as any kind of win? He will sell it to someone else, and I have gone through all this stress, and it is really getting to me. Im enraged with this scumbag


          • #6
            The dvla has the v888 form, but my reason isnt on the list.

            I will send the form off, but having spoke to someone on the phone, Im dealing with robots that dont give a shit and will just go off the fact if not ticked any of the boxes they request.
            Insurance fraud is the closest reason they provide details, and I dont have proof of that.


            • #7
              We don't do 'smarmy'. Just so you know. There's no point, what's done is done.

              Good to know, I was just not in the mood for that kind of response you often get online.

              How did you pay? Cash ? How much was the car ?

              Unfortunately cash, £6000

              How did you find the car for sale ? Facebook marketplace
              Do you have the original advert ? saved screenshot
              Where did you pick it up from ? His address although he originally gave next doors address (possibly fanmily) they then called him and he drove the car from somewhere.
              Do you have the V5 ? We did it online, so he didnt supply anything, the logbook has been sent now, but no previous owner

              When you say he pretended to be a private seller 'but he is a private trader' do you mean he is a trader, not a private seller ? I would say he is a trader, seeing has he obviously does it regular, maybe this his main income and is also on benefits, I dont know if he has another job as a cover up.


              • #8
                That's the original ad


                • #9
                  When I called action fraud again today, to see if they can help get his real name (they cant)
                  The person told me my report hadnt even been submitted, If i hadnt of called back, that would have never been submitted.


                  • #10
                    Should I post his name, picture etc.. on facebook to warn others??


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