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VTA... Painless - So Far! We'll see.

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  • VTA... Painless - So Far! We'll see.

    So after a bit of deliberation and a bit of research on this very helpful site.
    I decided to VT my PcP with VWFS. Downloaded a template, and sent off recorded..well i thought. My wife hadnt sent recorded. anyway, i decided to resend and i was about to, but the phone went and they ( VWFS) contacted me and possibly sent and email as well. I read the email and they said that there would be a BCA rep contact me to arrange a survey and a car collection.. They turned up and surveyed the vehicle, only damage was NSF wheel scratch over 2" and excess mileage of around 6k.. ( No mention about excess mileage charge, though it was on paperwork sent through with big list of charges for a whole range of damage..120 for a key, 400 for a log book etc) Car was collected next day. 10days ago.. Received a letter today , stating costs for wheel refurb and excess mileage. 36.00+vat for wheel, I accept that and excess mileage, I do not accept. I have emailed Edited template letter to them and will send Hard copy tomorrow. recorded, and see what they say. if thinking about it, just do it! as the saying says.. and stand up for rights..
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    Good luck, VWFS tend to take a hard line with excess mileage but I don't recall them ever taking anyone to court over it.
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      Originally posted by R0b View Post
      Good luck, VWFS tend to take a hard line with excess mileage but I don't recall them ever taking anyone to court over it.
      Sent a letter template asking if they could provide evidence as to how the excess mileage could reduce the value, and offering to pay for the damaged wheel..£36.00. not heard anything back as of yet.. and that was Nov. heres hoping.....


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