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My vehicle reported stolen

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  • My vehicle reported stolen

    Hi - I am after some advice.

    My wife and I bought a car from a national dealership 6 months ago. The vehicle is registered to my wife and insured at our address.

    Last week the deaership reported this car stolen, as they could not locate it on their ‘system’.

    My local police force loaded this to the PNC as stolen and the following day I was subject to a ‘hard stop’ by a different police force having hit an ANPR camera. The police surrounded my vehicle on a major road, having stopped traffic, and I was handcuffed and arrested before being driven to the local station (in the back of my own car).

    I was subsequently dearrested after the police confirmed my identity and the fact that my wife and I own the car.

    Having never been arrested i was left in a state of shock following the events, and outraged that it could have happened.

    I have lodged complaints with each police force and the car dealership, who are investigating the matter.

    I would like any advice on where I stand from a legal perspective, can I take action against those involved?
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    The Police have done nothing wrong, they were acting on information received in good faith. The dealership have a lot to answer for however.


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      BHow awful for you.
      I don't think you have been subjected to a wrongful arrest. The arresting officer had good reason to believe you had committed an offence etc. It's a bit unusual to go for a hard stop. Have they said why they did that? I don't think you will get far with the Police, who were simply doing what we all pay them to do. Hopefully, they'll have the good grace to apologise.
      The local police, who uploaded the information onto the PNC perhaps should have asked more questions of the informant. Hopefully, they'll investigate that aspect fairly for you. But, in principle, provided the information they were given was credible, it's hard to see what they did wrong.
      there must be doubt as to whether The information was credible. It is a bit of a jump from not being able to locate a vehicle to assuming that it must have been stolen.
      As to the dealership, well, words fail me. Hopefully they will offer you very substantial compensation without you having to suffer the further strain of a court case. I seem to recall that a local barrister got compensation of £10k following his wrongful arrest in slightly less traumatic circumstances.

      this case is interesting


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