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Returning vehicle after VT with Barclays Partner Finance

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  • Returning vehicle after VT with Barclays Partner Finance

    Hi, just looking for a bit of advice regarding voluntary termination as Iíve read a few helpful posts on here and currently feel a bit unsure.

    I spoke to Barclays Partner Finance (BPF) twice on 1.10.18 to advise them I would be terminating my agreement on 8.10.18. They confirmed I had paid over 50% of my PCP contract and would need to return the vehicle to Leeds Manheim Car Auction Centre as this would be closest. I agreed to do this as I felt it would be the quickest and most hassle free way to get rid of the car quickly as they had told me it could take 3 to 4 weeks for them to process the VT before they could arrange collection, which would cost £150.

    They then said they would post the VT paperwork to me to sign, I advised both agents that I would not be signing any documents as I am not legally obliged to do so. The first agent then told me they would not be able to accept my VT and the second advised me they would escalate my file to the complaints team. On 2.10.18 I sent them a signed letter through Royal Mail recorded delivery and an email copy to customerrelations@barclays-loans.com notifying them I would be invoking my statutory right to terminate my agreement (from a template off here) and would be delivering the vehicle on 8.10.18. I have signed proof they received the letter on the 3.10.18.

    I have not had any calls/voicemails/emails/correspondence from BPF since I last spoke to them so I am unsure if I should continue to deliver the vehicle to the auction house, and if so, will the auctioneers accept it? Also, if I do deliver the vehicle, do I name the new owners on the V5C form as BPF?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    R0b Iíve seen on other posts youíre really clued up in this areas, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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      I would be wary of simply dropping off the vehicle without Barclays confirming the date and time as if something goes wrong, it's your responsibility.

      Is customerrelations@barclays-loans.com actually an email address for Barclays? The reason I ask is because Barclays' website is www.barclays.co.uk and the suffix of the email you referenced is barclays-loans.com.

      I would write to them again and ask them to confirm what date and time the vehicle should be delivered.
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        Originally posted by Liv93 View Post
        R0b Iíve seen on other posts youíre really clued up in this areas, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
        Hi Rob,

        I have posted in the welcome forums, and would like to ask you Rob your advice you really have a vast knowledge of in this area of Voluntary Termination.


        I am in the process of returning my car back under VT and have followed advice your posts here in Legal Beagles. Once, you have read my post, have you any suggestions please much appreciated my account is on hold account until, I adjust your letter to my situation to send by this Friday 12 Oct.

        Thank you
        Kind Regard


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          Thanks for your response R0b


          I spoke to Barclays and they confirmed they had received my email and letter, and agreed I could drop the vehicle off at Manheim in Leeds. I took the vehicle on 08.10.18 and made sure that I had taken lots of timestamped images prior to leaving it. On the 18.10.18 I received a letter from Barclays to advise that my direct debit had been cancelled as they were attempting to take my monthly payment on 13.10.18. I called and advised them I had completed a VET and had returned the car, which they were aware of.

          I had no contact from them until 14.11.18 when I received a letter, dated 12.11.18, stating 'Despite our previous correspondence and attempts to contact you, your account remains in arrears and we have been unable to agree a satisfactory repayment plan with you. Your account has now been passed to out Debt Collection Agency who will contact you to recover the amount that you owe. The appointed Debt Collection Agents are: Credit Resource Solutions.' It then says 'As your account has now been passed to a Debt Collection Agency it is too late for you to accept any payment plans we may have previously offered. We have previously told you that we share information with licensed credit reference agencies. The arrears on your account may adversely affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.'

          I called Barclays on the 14.10.18 as soon as I opened the letter and advised them I had not been notified of any arrears, the person I spoke to confirmed the total arrears was £744.96 and that they had only become aware of these charges five days previously, she also said it was there process to automatically refer VET accounts to debt collection agencies.

          I have opened a complaint as I am unhappy that I was not provided with a breakdown of charges, or given the opportunity to settle the account before they transferred it to a debt recovery agency and have a mark on my credit file that I have gotten into arrears. I was aware that I would receive charges as there was damage to my alloys and petrol cap but I did think the amount was excessive. They have tried to close my complaint numerous times, offering me £25 as compensation, and I actually got an email confirming it had been resolved when I had not agreed to anything. I have had to speak to 5 members of staff before I was able to get a breakdown sent to me, the vehicle assessment is dated 17.10.18 and Barclays have now said they disagree with what damage Manheim had highlighted and have offered to reduce my payment to £200 - but if I don't agree and resolve the complaint now it will be escalated to a higher complaints team which will take 40 days to respond and they cannot guarantee they will offer a resolution figure this low.

          I think I am going to agree to the £200 as I feel this is a fair price, I am concerned about having anything negative on my credit file (apart from the VET) so I will also going to request that they send me a letter confirming I have settled my account and have not been in arrears.


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            Hi all, I would like to use this opportunity and pin up to this post as I'm dealing with similar issue and didn't want to create new topic unnecessarily.
            I hope rob will be able to advice.
            Just wanted to make sure if my VT letter is written correctly. Thank you for any help!

            Dear Sir / Madam,


            Agreement number: 123456789
            Registration: CAR123

            I am writing to notify you that I wish to invoke my statutory right under section 99 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and hereby give you notice that the agreement is terminated effective from the date of 01/02/2019 (Second February 2019). As spoken through phone with a member of your staff I will be delivering the car to Manheim auction in Mansfield, address:
            Fulwood Industrial Estate
            Common Road
            NG17 6AD
            Please confirm by return acknowledgement of this letter and to make arrangements for delivery of the vehicle.

            The condition of the car is noted as being in a reasonable condition for its age and photographic evidence has been taken in the event of any future dispute as to the condition of the vehicle.

            You will be aware that the Consumer Credit Act limits my liability to half of the total amount payable under the agreement but excludes any sum payable as a penalty, compensation or damages for a breach of the terms of the agreement. Such terms imposed are inconsistent with my rights under the Act and are therefore deemed void and unenforceable.

            The vehicle will be delivered on mentioned above date and to mentioned above place.

            Kind regards,



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              BCF arranged collection of my car. I believe the car was sold at auction and now the finance company have told me there is an outstanding balance which I need to pay I explained that the whole purpose of me handing the car back was because I couldn't afford the loan repayments but I'm still having to pay £3400. I thought handing the car back was enough


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