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Council tax for old address bailiffs

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  • Council tax for old address bailiffs

    Hi guys, can someone pls give me some advice. I bought a property in 2008 but had to leave town because of inlaw problems and as i literally 'ran' i left the property n all belongs and started a fresh in 2011 in another town.

    The council have sent me a bill for the old address because the property is in my name. I took the mortgage out as i was working and my husband wasnt at the time. I have given the property to him as I dont want the hastle of fighting for it.

    The council have been made aware of the whole situation since 2011 but they are still sending bailiffs, pheonix to my current address to try and collect the amount, i wasnt in i got a letter through the post from the bailliff.

    I cant afford to pay that amount as I have been paying on my new address.

    Someone please advise, is there anything i can do? As a single parent things are hard enough as it is.
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    Re: Council tax for old address bailiffs

    by "Given the property to him" what do you mean? Was anything in writing?


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      Re: Council tax for old address bailiffs

      Hi Namsey78 ...

      Clearly someone is responsible for the council tax from 2011 and in the absence of information saying otherwise, that would be the property owner which was you at the time.

      What has happened to the property since you left? Did your husband remain there or was it occupied at any time and by who. And as been mentioned by ostell above, has there been a legal transfer of the property title and who has previously and currently been paying the mortgage? Has the property been remortgaged since you left?

      And when you say that you have advised the council of the ongoing situation since 2011, what exactly have you told them ( this should tie in with the occupation questions I asked as above ).

      If you can give a history and dates of actual occupation by others since you left, that would be very useful.


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        Re: Council tax for old address bailiffs

        I took the mortgage out but my husband and his family paid the deposit for the property 13000 and he was paying the mortgage after 4 months as he was in full time employment, as they paid for everything their arguement was i only got the mortgage and they've been paying for it which is true so i didnt argue with them i just left everything. Nothing was transferred mortgage wise or remortgaged as he couldnt get a mortgage in his name or his family as they own other houses on mortgages. Long story, had a typical 'asian' marriage with alot of problems from inlaws so I just left everything and didnt want anything to do with. I didnt have anything in my name as in bills ect except for the mortgage.

        The council were informed that i am leaving the property and husband has taken over as landlord/tenant whatever and i went into the office and told them all this. From other members of the family i know that property has been rented out for the last 2 years!!

        I have told him time and time again that he needs to change the ownership and his responce is he cant get a mortgage and i have seen paperwork stating that but through no fault of my own i'm now stuck with a huge council tax bill and i don't know what to do, i'm stuck. The property is still mortaged on my name.


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          Re: Council tax for old address bailiffs

          As the mprtgage is in your name you legally own the house until they or someone buys it off you and that must be at the correct price and the mortgage would need to be paid off
          Would think you need some legal advice about the ownership here regarding the CT who lives in the house are they on electoral roll there and has the CT ever been paid since you walked away


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