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Local Government Finance Act 1992

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  • Local Government Finance Act 1992


    Enforcement (Schedule 4):-


    Schedule 1 - Installment Schemes

    The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992

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    Re: Local Government Finance Act 1992


    There are so many people being taken to court for late instalment payment of Council Tax. I have started an e-petition to get the Government to look at this unfair practice. For example, my local authority, Basildon Council raised 402,705 just this financial year and it is not even over yet. Here is their response to the question I asked from Freedom of Information (FOI) regarding extra revenue raised from summonses:

    How much extra revenue has been raised as a result of summonses being issued for non-payment of Council Tax?
    How much extra revenue has been raised as a result of summonses for late payment of Council Tax?

    Costs of 45 are charged for each summons that is issued. However, so far this financial year we have withdrawn 996 cases prior to the court hearing. These 996 cases will not be charged the 45 costs. Therefore the net costs raised are 402,705. However, not all of those costs will be recovered.

    That is a huge amount of money, costing further financial hardship to many families.

    When asked:
    How many summonses have been issued this financial year for non-payment of council tax?

    How many summonses have been issued this financial year for late payment of council tax?

    The regulations do not distinguish between customers who have paid some of their Council Tax and those that have paid none. We have issued 9945 summonses in total since 1 April 2012.

    Please click on the link below and sign the e-petition to stop this unfair practice.

    Many thanks and lets hope we can make a change.



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      Re: Local Government Finance Act 1992

      I just tried to sign your petition but it is closed. An interesting point to add to this is that every council must have a hardship scheme for which people can apply for help with their council tax. This is under the local Government Finance Act 1992 sec 13 A (1) (c). It would be useful if councils told people this. I can highly recommend The Council Tax Handbook, published by the Child Poverty Action Group and edited by Alan Murdie for this kind of information.


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        Re: Local Government Finance Act 1992

        Hai - EVERYTHING councils / local government does controlled by statute . Liability order re Local gov act 1992 - is AFTER the summons issued ( magestrates court - crim court ) by the council not the court - with no statute on it - thus canot defend position - re that of statute . The Public and General acts - have been taken off theshelves of libraries - thus canmot get to source - only 'internet' - in effect a medium between that easily altered . I stood up in mags court six times told them it illegasl each of thosesix times - they could not maske the furthe step of making the objection criminal . Further back the acytual c-tax demand also as legislated postion - no statute on the demand - cannot reference that statute . Called orgamnised crime - but by goverment . " They " win - each time every time - as inventor - assigned the construction of kit which has military application to former communist country - quite legal - I own it . Estimated at a 30,million build with subsequent sales to about 100,million


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