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Is this right? Please help Iím worried sick!

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  • Is this right? Please help Iím worried sick!

    Hi I was called by mother a few days ago and she is worried sick about a council tax bill (over 8k). She has not been very forthcoming as why this hasnít been paid. I called the council up today and I said my parents are happy to set up a payment plan but the operator said they should 1. Apply and see if they can get a council tax reduction and 2. Wait for the court summons attend court and set up a payment plan in court as she wouldnít accept one over the phone. I would pay it all off for them but I have recently been made unemployed so canít help much. *

    Is the advice I have received correct? Iím worried sick now as well Iíve already had 2 serious panic attacks and I donít want my parents to go bankrupt as they look after three children one of which has a disability and the other has a bad thyroid problem.

    Thanks for your help
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    I assume she has had a summons to Court. Has she had any previous ones? How many Liability Orders does she have against her? What years are they for? How much is each one for? You are going to have to bite the bullet and ask why she not paid - at a guess I would suggest there may be 5 or 6 years worth.


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      Sheís not had a summons and she has never had a summons before and she has no liability orders against her at the minute. My hair is going to going to grey at this point.

      is the advice the agent gave correct? That we have to wait for the summons so she can go to court to arrange payment plan I tried to arrange one today but they werenít accepting even though on the letter it says if you canít pay please call us as we donít want to take this matter to court or words to that effect.*


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        To go to Court they make a profit which depends on how much the Council charge for doing so, their cost for doing this is £3. It seems a surprise it has got to so much before the Council have taken action - I would be asking how long this has gone & why nothing has been done before now. As for what they will and will not accept then your best bet is to approach the local Councillor(s) and ask they intervene. It is in the Councils own interest to have a Court backed Order as then if the terms are broken they can just go straight to enforcement.


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          Thanks for getting back to me Iíve just spoken to her again and she said the last few years they started taking money of her income support. She is willing to go to court and defend herself what do you think the likely outcome of this is


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            nds as if Benefits Section has not spoken to Council Tax Section possibly. Great problem in this day & age is that a lot of Councils have hived their back office functions to private companies such as Capita etc and common sense goes out of the window. Even more reason for the Councillor - best initial contact is via phone - www.writetothem.com


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              Thanks will do. I just donít want to her too loose the house or go to jail that will leave a whole family including me homeless which i donít know if I will be able to cope with*


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                any other advice would be appreciated thanks*


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                  Originally posted by indistress View Post
                  Thanks will do. I just donít want to her too loose the house or go to jail that will leave a whole family including me homeless which i donít know if I will be able to cope with
                  I cannot see she will lose the house, certainly not at this stage. To go to prison she would essentially have to stand up in Court and tell them she refuses to pay it. Both situations would be a long way off.


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                    Thank you ever so much your a star


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