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Check Judgments Online - against you or others - 8 per register

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  • Check Judgments Online - against you or others - 8 per register


    A new website - Trust Online – has been launched this month (December) to give people immediate access to millions of judgment records in the British Isles and Ireland.

    Trust Online has been developed by Registry Trust - the non-profit company which gathers information from six jurisdictions, including the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines for England and Wales under contract to the Lord Chancellor.

    All the information held by Registry Trust is now available to the public online for a small fee. The database contains over six million registrations, some dating back six years. For much of the information - judgments against other people for example - Registry Trust is the only source accessible to the public.

    Judgment information is widely used by lenders as a guide to creditworthiness.
    Derbyshire Trading Standards uses it to define trusted traders. Searching the register will reveal who has been successfully taken to court for outstanding debts.

    The results of each search detail the amount of any judgment (how much is owed), the name of the court, the date of the judgment and the unique case number. If the judgment has been paid and the court notified, the judgment will be marked as satisfied.

    The fees for a search run from 8 for one to 30 for five or more. Both name and address are needed to search for individuals or unincorporated businesses (Joe Bloggs or ABC Plumbing). Corporates (plcs or ltds) can be searched by name alone.

    In England and Wales, CCJs, high court judgments, fines defaults, child support
    liability orders and administration orders are available.

    From the other jurisdictions - Scotland, Ireland, N Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey - court judgments and decrees are on the searchable register.

    People might want to carry out a search on themselves in order to:
    • know what is on the record
    • check the status of any CCJs
    • ensure that any information is correct and up to date
    • understand why lenders refuse credit

    Checks against other people and firms are uniquely available from Trust Online.
    They are useful to:
    • check on the status of tradespeople e.g. builders
    • learn more about people with home access such as cleaners, nannies,
    • check potential tenants who may have difficulty paying the rent.

    Launching Trust Online, Malcolm Hurlston chairman of Registry Trust, said: "This is a major step forward for easy access to important public information. Not since Gladstone started the register 150 years ago has it been so vital to check carefully on the people and firms you transact with.

    "In the current economic climate lenders will be wanting to lend to people who can repay and few people will want to risk a failed transaction because the other party is in debt and can’t finish the job."

    Ron Gainsford, Chief Executive of the Trading Standards Institute said: “Trading
    standards officers recognise the key role of judgment information. Trust Online will be vital to people choosing carefully who they work with."

    SEARCH YOURSELF - 8 per register

    SEARCH OTHERS - 8 per register

    Originally posted by Trust online

    About the registers

    Through Trust Online you can search for CCJs, high court judgments (HCJs), administration orders (AOs), child support agency (CSA) magistrates liability orders, and fine defaults.
    Geographical coverage

    The register for England and Wales is split into three sections:

    Trust Online keeps separate public registers for money judgments in Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Isle of Man. For more details, see the registers for judgments and fines
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