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Liability Order

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  • Liability Order

    I left my old property 2 years ago as part of bankruptcy procedures
    Handed keys back to mortgage company.
    Then went bankrupt.

    Prior to leaving we informed the council that we were in the process of leaving and that we were handing back the keys. We also informed them of our new address.
    I have recently received a bailiffs letter through the letterbox to reclaim council tax .

    The amount is the total relating to two liability orders issues to the council in my absence.

    After some digging it appears that the council have been communicating to me via my old address and that is wear they sent the information re the intentions of going to court, and wear the subsequent 2 liability orders were granted.

    I am obviously fighting the initial issue that I owe then the money in the 1st place and that is a separate issue currently.

    Q My question is do they have a valid Liability order in place, as due to them using an old address to inform me that they were going to court I have not had the opportunity to attend and dispute this to the court that issues the 2 liability orders.
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    Re: Liability Order

    Did you pay Council Tax for your new address?

    Which council is it and which firm of bailiffs?


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      Re: Liability Order

      Yes I have been paying council tax in my new property for the last two years which is a different council to that of my old property.


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        Re: Liability Order

        Your previous council seems so inept that one might suppose CT collection had been outsourced to Crapita.

        That was why I asked which bunch of ba:censored:rd bailiffs were involved.


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          Re: Liability Order

          My old Council is Swindon and the Balif company is Chandlers


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            Re: Liability Order

            So they're just stupid rather than being outsourced and inept.

            Can you not use your last two years' CT accounts to challenge Swindon Council?

            Another thing - assuming the property has not been empty for the past two years, why weren't the buggers billing the current residents?


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              Re: Liability Order

              The dispute is started now with the council and it will be ongoing i am sure.
              in the end they will see that they RE wrong etc but by this time i will have lost possessions.
              In the short term I need the ability to stop the bailiffs (which are now on my door step) until the council processes reaches the conclusion that there claim is wrong.
              What i am looking for is information on how to stop the legal process as i was not there.


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                Re: Liability Order

                I do not understand how you might "have lost possessions" unless you are/were daft enough to let the buggers in.

                You've not done that, have you?


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                  Re: Liability Order

                  No expert by far but I would have thought you could apply to have the order set aside by the court that issued it due to not having been aware of the hearing.


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