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Banned from the County of Shropshire

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  • Banned from the County of Shropshire

    Hi, I've been banned, or was banned from the County of Shropshire for waiting ten minutes in a line at Waitrose. Held under effective house arrest for the past fifteen months. Would appreciate some legal advice.
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    Well that cannot be correct.
    Lawyer (solicitor) - retired from practice, now supervising solicitor in a university law clinic. I do not advise by private message.

    Litigants in Person should download and read this: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/..._in_Person.pdf


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      Look forward to further detail. Even I as a magistrate could not exclude someone from a whole county without very good reason - it is usually a street or a retailer...banned from Waitrose I could understand. And we don't do house arrest really....


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        Waitrose do have very strict rules about queuing outside their stores!!


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          I too look forward to more detail!

          Banned from a whole county just for waiting 10 minutes in a line in Waitrose???


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            Could have been worse if OP had been caught eating crisps. All those messy crumbs
            They would probably have played Cliff's hits 24 hours a day.


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              *** no complaint of violence or aggression from me in the facebook messages *** - the one of two phrases quoted or circled by police was "devil child your words not mine" - quoting a facebook posting of [Expletive] who had written paraphrasing) "travelling on the train to Liverpool with the devil child and a bunch of w***rs" - w***rs referring to a family friendly to [Expletive]'s son

              the Custody Record Number GA/2696/22 appears to suggest an early Custody Record Number no later than January or February 2022, there being more than 2696 arrests in the Telford & Wrekin Area - yet he didn't start thinking about [Expletive] until early June 2022 - which suggests they have used an old vacated 2696 CRN to keep him off the main system of tracking ? - the Front of Desk officer first suggested that ex-military were involved with the arrest and investigation

              had stated to the police arresting me that i had a prepared statement on the computer, but needed to print it off - told by the sworn Police Officer that "if you co-operate with us, we'll co-operate with you" - would have aided me in interview where i was advised to no comment questions put to me - that they had me "banged to rights" [an in-joke by the solicitor, banged-up and released due to human rights?]

              no attempt from the solicitor to properly represent me, or put forward the legal standing, and both solicitors of Wade Solicitors and WMB Law made false representations as to the likelihood of a conviction, already pronouncing me guilty yet also Abbie Neuchterlien stated that the case would be expired after five to six months, due to time expired

              the Solicitor refused to bring up matters material to my defense - namely that [Expletive] Snr and Jnr had abused me in the street

              police took me to the ultraviolet room, when there was no reasonable suspicion or accusation of having thieved or tampered with something protected by "SmartWater"

              police attempted to crush my ribs, as they took me to the evidence room

              manhandled me in the evidence collection room, and so Abbie Neuchterlien walked off, appropriate adult Joanne Healey who had given me the middle-finger earlier was also present

              prior solicitor Martin Wade of Walker Solicitors had walked off threatening to "knock [my] block off, if he says no comment one more time" to appropriate adult Joanne Healey as they walked off to a side-room

              Stafford Justice Combined Court Centre claim to have no knowledge of me - but being on police bail for ten months, and then released under investigation surely entails some knowledge of me

              Since arrestee hasn't been charged, and has not been notified of "investigation of an offence other than the offence for the purposes of investigating which the thing was seized" - ie such as child abuse, drugs, weapons dealing or terrorism, which would necessitate a re-interview at the earliest available date ie November-December 2022

              re: WMB Law, Chronology is Incorrect and Misbegotten

              * asked members of staff where she was * - not and was never true, security guards did approach (near closing time with few if any other customers about) but *** was never asked for by name, or indirectly or directly, until after being ejected from the store
              * spoke to her * - barely whispered [Expletive's] first name after waiting in line ten minutes
              * emotional and upset * - only concerned whether [Expletive] was the one asking me to leave or not, and so tried to have an explicit answer, and so asked the guard twice or thrice, as on reflection [Expletive] was only interested in playing games
              Left the Store
              * insinuated about sending the messages * - only after *** Snr and Jnr chased me down in the street, racing his car, driving without due care and attention, and screeching to a halt, shouting abuse at myself and a near neighbour who came out concerned about the commotion, and a car racing in the residential neighbourhood with no street lighting
              Snr and Jnr did not alight from their car to immediately comfort a distressed person of female appearance, instead waited with their lights glaring on the cafe area for about ten minutes, before confronting me about five minutes away, out of the sight of security staff and CCTV cameras - did not want to pursue the matter criminally at the time as wanted some response to questions she avoided answering

              * Jnr was stationed on the Passenger's Side, as Snr launched into a tirade of abuse, so if i was any danger to hm, then [Expletive] Snr used * as a Human Shield

              Criminal Complainant not ignorant about Facebook Messaging System - could have blocked or deleted messages from me at any time - which was my response to the abuse from H*** on the Street - Criminal Complainant demonstrated knowledge of how to lock-down someone's account and report them to Facebook the night of 02 November 2022, when i attempted to delete personal messages to [Expletive], was forced to delete his Facebook Account instead, to remove personal messages - - so [Expletive] had greatly imposed on my life [interfering with a mid-life revival, after processing years of abuse from childhood], whereas the imposition on [Expletive's] Life was negligible, to non-existent and did not cause [Expletive] or prevent [Expletive] from doing a thing or [Expletive] was entitled to do

              * Jnr was stationed on the Passenger's Side, as Snr launched into a tirade of abuse, so if i was any danger to hm, then [Expletive] Snr used * as a Human Shield

              * There was also speculation that you had attended her home address, as an unidentified male was seen near the property. * - if i had been near the property, then * was always in a position to identify the male, and as of 02 November 2022, so were *'s co-cohabitees - essentially it could have been anyone but me since i was already identifiable to them

              * I was also informed that Martin Walker from Wade Solicitors had attended the station and stated that you did not have capacity as you refused to sign documentation. * - Martin Walker walked out threatening "if he says No More Comment One More Time, I'll Knock His Block Off" as he and "Appropriate Adult" Joanne Healey walked to a side-room

              * I also read the legislation to you and confirmed * - both Martin Walker, and Abbie Neuchterlien quoted two unwanted contacts as a pre-requisite for being charged, (and convicted) but did not give a copy or read a copy of the legislation verbatim

              * I explained that shortly you were to be interviewed under caution by the Police for offences of stalking and harassment. I explain that to prove an offence of stalking/harassment, it must be proven that you have behaved in a way that repeatedly makes a person feel scared, harassed, threatened, or intimidated. *

              had suffered two strangulation attempts in George's Institution, and had suffered a strangulation attempt previously whilst under their care in twenty-twenty - all three strangulation attempts had deprived me of Oxygen and in the latter two instances serious brain damage entailed
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                Many thanks for that clarification. You might have said that it is a bail condition. I bet there is good deal more to it than queueing at a supermarket. Indeed the above post makes that clear.
                Lawyer (solicitor) - retired from practice, now supervising solicitor in a university law clinic. I do not advise by private message.

                Litigants in Person should download and read this: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/..._in_Person.pdf


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                  previous or prior precedent of someone being banned for an entire county - for neither being convicted or charged with a crime?

                  where was i in the wrong

                  where's the material change in circumstances of the investigation - between the 02 November - when i was asked to leave by the security guards at Waitrose - when they did not have cause to have me arrested or detained awaiting arrest - and 15 November when the police arrested me and illegally seized property from the family home?

                  why ten months police bail with no referral to a magistrates court, etc?

                  why extend police bail via e-mail contact, off-duty, with parents (who were going on holiday), not via contact with suspect?

                  why fifteen to eighteen months (including pre-arrest investigation) for a minor offense - a maximum penalty under the law being a summary offense of six months imprisonment (but not really applicable either due to no evidence being available) - when suspicious and non-suspicious deaths, rapes, house burglaries, assaults,

                  why return the family computer that had evidence of facebook usage, but not the personal computer which had material for a publishing author (towards self-publishing etc)

                  no prima facie evidence that the complainant - was prevented from doing or undertaking a thing he or she was entitled or required to do - yet self have been harassed daily with the same proposition since November 2022

                  there was no contact following the visit to Waitrose and i did not want any - yet they forced the issue

                  [Expletive] did not block me on facebook despite two or three or more requests to do so - yet was intimately aware of how to lockdown my account almost immediately after my visit to [Expletive]'s place of work - locked out also a family member's account under a different surname [automatically logged in on the family computer] almost the morning after - so [Redacted]'s then or current partner knew of my family name before complainant

                  first phone call between us was from [Criminal Complainant] to me
                  a subsequent message which included the words "call me" either a typo meant to throw off a controlling and abusive boyfriend ?
                  two missed phone calls and one since deleted message from [Redacted]'s then or current partner to me
                  three missed phone calls from me to [Redacted]
                  one missed phone calls from [Redacted] to me
                  one call connected lasting seven minutes
                  in response to the first message from me to [Redacted] asking whether [Redacted] replied that "my partner is here and the police have been called"
                  three missed phone calls from [Redacted] to me


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                    wyvern the questions you ask are highly specific to the details of your own case and I doubt anyone here will be able to answer them. We have no knowledge of your case and what the police are doing.

                    WMB Law appear to be acting for you so they are best placed to answer your questions.

                    Can a bail condition include a requirement not to enter a specific county? Yes, according to this firm of solicitors: "For example, an individual may be subject to a number of bail conditions, such as: .... 4. Not to enter a county or town"

                    Bail: What are bail conditions and how difficult can they be? - Old Bailey Solicitors (oblaw.co.uk)
                    Last edited by PallasAthena; 30th March 2024, 19:26:PM.
                    All opinions expressed are based on my personal experience. I am not a lawyer and do not hold any legal qualifications.


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                      "a person awaiting trial for an imprisonable offence may be subject to conditional bail" - the suspect is neither charged nor awaiting trial


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                        Police may temporarily release a suspect on bail either before or after they've been charged, and the bail can be either unconditional or conditional.
                        See Policing & Crime Act 2017 Chapter 4


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                          bail conditions have to be proportionate....and not set the person up to fail


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                            Could it be asked whether GA/2696/22 is a very low number for a Custody Record Number? ie it appears to be February or January 2022 from the number of Crimes recorded in the Telford & Wrekin Area?


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                              Another unanswerable question - you already referred to it in the second paragraph of Post #7 - but how is it relevant to your current situation?

                              ​​​​​​​I am not clear where this thread is going or what help you want. Your original question in Post #1 has been answered.
                              All opinions expressed are based on my personal experience. I am not a lawyer and do not hold any legal qualifications.


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