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How can this be done?

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  • How can this be done?

    A long time ago, I had these support workers with a company in Edinburgh. They're called Autism Initiatives.

    I had two women removed during 2013 and 2014 because they overreacted to me liking them. After they were removed, their bosses lied, got the police on a few occasions to arrest me, and even lied about that. But the police said it was them. The seniors even said they were just busy. So that's pretty much lying...

    Even years before that, a guy at the same company sent me abusive emails, saying derogatory things about music and also a pro wrestler I was a fan of, who sadly died, and naming my former girlfriend's schools. Then he left in 2010. It was all incredibly bizarre and scary, but they never employ trustworthy people at these care outlets. My diagnosis was giving as being something referred to as PDD-NOS. So I have mild autism.

    Anyway, I got these orders put in place and ended up in jail on remand on many occasions, and then sentenced, when I messaged them to either offer an apology, or ask what their problem with me is. Including one of their ex boyfriends, who I ran into in a pub one time with her.

    It's a very convoluted story, to be honest. But it broke my heart when I couldn't work with them again. Many people believe they were deceptive and that the problem needed better professionalism to be handled correctly. Went to 3 different prisons over 3 years because they told lies. And I got assaulted in a holding cell once by a crazy guy.

    In all the years I had the same solicitor, he never spoke up in court. In fact, I tried to get him replaced, because I didn't like his service. Then he got cross and raged at me for calling people he knows from the various legal firms throughout Edinburgh. This is all one big sham, it seems.

    My sister claims a service user of a place called Number 6 owned by Autism Initiatives had sent my key worker messages, basically admitting to saying something to this Spanish lady who was my key worker at the time. That must have came between us. She still has this evidence from him sending this on Facebook years ago.

    Apart from that, I think a lot of support workers there just snitched on me in general. I used to tell them about my sex life and ramble on about my woes overall. My mother said, "You don't let your mouth rumble!" with people like that, as they log everything you say and do. But sometimes my nervousness just made me get too anxious being around them. So it was a case of me not thinking before I spoke up. Plus, I have no social life because of how I am with my anxiety. So I was rather chatty and open with these so-called support workers.

    Besides that, I was trying to be in films as an extra and had people in this acting sector talking about me behind my back, trying to cost me jobs, because an actress blocked me on Twitter in 2016. But I got mad after 3 years of this blackballing crap going on, and so I said I was "gonna kill them" because they got YouTubers to harass me (but just because I was annoyed). So the court messed up my life again. In fact, they bailed me in 2019 for over 2 years, because of the pandemic causing problems. So I mean, what was the point in just screwing me over again anyway? Obviously they must enjoy that...

    Again, my legal representation said nothing. Nothing at all. He even asked me what to say, but he didn't do it.

    Just recently, they were meant to have me appearing via WebEx for a court hearing involving some woman who messaged me on a mental health forum, who does BDSM content for OnlyFans. I sent her tons of emails. Gave me just 2 weeks to get a lawyer. I said I rang people, but nobody could take on the case. They sent me a letter discharging the court hearing, and giving me a 3 years non harassment order regardless, when she contacted me after I messaged her on AW, and Twitter. So technically, she was just as bad. She also told me her address.

    Then in 2020, the police returned and arrested me the same week a no contact order ended for one of the ex support workers. My mother believes it was a ploy so she could get a new one. Then they made it 10 years, which means it is twice as long as the original order, and they only did that because hers ended while others are still in place. And their brilliant excuse was that I posted a video the previous May, just talking on camera about her wrecking my life. That was it. So why wait from May of 2019 to May of 2020 to charge me!? The original order ran out around that time. This makes me believe it was potentially staged. At the station, they didn't say why I was arrested either. They also accessed my flat when I refused to open the door, and they had civilian clothes on.

    I gave that lawyer proof on a USB stick at least 2 years ago about this actress who was slandering me. He claims he lost it and laughed with someone on the phone last autumn, which was totally disrespectful. Calls to other legal firms, the NHS, the police or even the Scottish courts gets me absolutely nowhere each time. They pass me from pillar to post all of the time. In the court they also keep saying stuff about me being a sex offender. Then the sheriff corrects the PF and says I am not one. Or vice versa. This is just because I got mad once and said I would sleep with a model. So what!?

    So what else may I try next? They're all mucking me around, quite frankly. I'm really at a loss of what to do nowadays.

    I feel like my life sucks now. I feel lonesome and incredibly depressed. My agoraphobia is really bad now as well. It's awkward even using public transport to go from A to B.

    Sorry if this post makes no sense. A lot has happened.

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