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Post Charge Requisition??

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  • Post Charge Requisition??


    Our dog was seized under dangerous dogs act a few months ago. Have today been told by the police that we will be summoned to court for a post charge requisition - but that we had not been charged with anything.

    What is the post charge requisition? What do we need to prepare ourselves for, do we give evidence, plea's? Will we be charged at court?
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    Post Charge Requisition???
    Sure it wasn't a postal Charge or postal requisition which is the name for a magistrates' court summons. It tells you when you need to attend court for a criminal case and what the offences are that you are being accused of.


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      Yes, sorry, was a postal charge requisition. My questions above still apply, what will happen in court?


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        You don't know yet what the charges are so suggest you contact a solicitor.
        You might be entitled to legal aid


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          You will need to organize your plea once you know the charges - guilty or not guilty. If guilty you will be sentenced and if not guilty there will be a trial. As DES8 says get legal advice! There is the issue of the life of the dog too, possibly?


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            Yep will be contacting a solicitor but obviously it's a bank holiday weekend and just feeling a bit anxious.

            So will we find out the charges and make our plea on the day? And be sentenced on the same day if we plead guilty? Yes, our dog is our biggest worry, I'm assuming our dogs fate will be determined at the same time as ours?

            Sorry, just confused on what we are going to court for, as in is it just to give evidence or will it all be concluded on the day if we plead guilty?


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              Sorry, but it would be inappropriate for us to try and guess what will happen.
              We do not know why the unknown charges are being raised, is it because of his breed or did he actually attack someone or another dog?
              Was he out of control?
              There are a myriad scenarios and I'm afraid whatever we say will not relieve your anxiety


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                I suggest contacting specialist solicitors - I think there is one called Dog Law.


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