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self isolation details for track and trace

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  • self isolation details for track and trace

    Started my 10 day self isolation yesterday after received msg to do so as being in close contact with somebody who tested positive. I am not positive case, have no symptoms and will be shielding at home for the required period. Have received link to nhs track and trace to give them further information also received phone call and told them to phone at other time. is there legal requirement to provide them further details ? I am now working from home, don't have any symptoms don't need support etc I'm absolutely fine, they said it will take 15-20mins don't really want to give any further details unless its required by law, couldn't find any info hence asking here
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    Personally, I would be happy to provide info if it will help them to understand and beat the virus, whether it is a legal requirement or not.


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      I am not aware of a legal requirement to submit such information BUT with the vast array of emergency Corona legislation that has appeared in the last 10 months, it's possible.....
      15/20 minutes sounds like they want speak to to see if you have been in contact with anyone who also needs notifying, despite your lack of symptoms, you could be asymptomatic or become positive later in the ten day isolation. You don't say whether you have tested negative so I cant be certain of your perspective of risk.
      From speaking to an acquaintance who also did not want to communicate with them, they stopped calling after about ten days and no further contact was made.
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