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Name query.

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  • Name query.


    I'm new here, I have a query regarding legality of first names, I use the short name of my name which is on my birth certificate, my parents never called me by the name on my birth certificate and I have always been known as the short version, we recently did our wills and the issue came up, on the only time my birth certificate name is used was on my now out of date passport, my national insurance card and by the NHS my driving licence even has the short name on it even though they had my birth certificate and NI card when I applied but was so long ago I can't remember if there was an option to have a different name on it, everything including my bank account,mortgage, pension etc has the non birth certificate name as my first name, is this a problem? It's the same initial letter though. If I reapplied for my passport is there an option to have aka my short name on there? Or should I just change my name by deed poll?! Thank you for any advice on this matter.
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    The issue is not really to do with legality, it's about consistency, or you can unwittingly cause yourself some little problems, especially with travel abroad, credit checks and ID checks.

    My wife uses the shortened version of her first name as does everyone else who knows her. But on all key documents, bank accounts, credit cards etc. (i.e. anything "official") she ALWAYS uses the full version of her forename. My dad does exactly the same.

    Changing your name by deed poll is an option to tidy things up, but that is entirely your decision. Just bear in mind that there are a small number of situations (such as getting a DBS check) which will require you to detail previous names used, even if you don't use the form of name day-to-day. You may also have to supply a copy of your deed poll in certain situations too. This is no different though, from changes of name due to marriage etc.

    There are two types of deed poll so have a read of https://www.gov.uk/change-name-deed-poll

    On your specific question regarding aka on a passport, it might be possible - as there are some other circumstances where the passport issuer will add notes regarding names to the OBSERVATIONS page. One that springs to mind is someone who has too many/too long forenames (I think that field is 30 characters long).


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      If you want to be confused read here: Change of name law | Deed Poll Office


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