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Storage of household goods

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  • Storage of household goods

    Hi,we had to put all of our house contents into storage for a month.As arranged,our furniture was to be re-delivered to us on the 13th December although they had an issue with vans so they couldn't deliver until Thursday 19th.

    When the guys had finished unpacking,there was a carpet missing and we were advised to contact their office.When i called the lady said 'are you sure because carpets are big and not easily missed?'................Yep it was checked twice and there is a carpet missing and the delivery guys have also noted it.I was advised that they would investigate and get back to us although it would be after the holidays because Angela who deals with this is off !

    Explained that we needed carpets down for christmas and could she at least go and look at the container that all our stuff was kept in ?.........Nope she wouldnt budge.

    So Im thinkling well this 15ft x 14ft carpet is lost because it really is hard to miss so I had to go and buy another one.Was gutted as this was laid 4 weeks previously so virtually brand new.

    I received a call from them yesterday morning saying that someone had put the carpet into a different container but it would be after the holidays before they could get it out to us .............Explained that i had to buy a new carpet because i couldnt have bare floorboards over christmas and at the end of the day i paid for a service to look after our property and they mislead items.She replied with 'Oh great will we just dispose of this one?'

    I replied saying that I would like a claim form for losing my carpet,although she says that its not lost and they have it !............There was no one else to talk to until after the holidays......Must be the only person working there.............

    Am I entitled to claim back the cost of this ?I do have a copy of the Inventory saying the carpet was missing.

    Thanks and a Merry Christmas to everyone
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    Need to see the terms and conditions of the contract you agreed with them. That is your start point.


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      seems you are on a looser here to my mind. carpet not lost and they offered to delivery as soon as they could, bare boards for xmas and you insist a carpet down, then your decision to buy another??? by the way I have drips/water into my home but further investigation after Xmas, what can I do ? Nothing accept it.


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        Hi Mike Yep maybe so,* although i do have a copy of*the Inventory saying the carpet was missing which was dated the 19th.* I did call their office and make them aware of the issue and was advised it would be after the new year..........4 days after my call it turned up in another container !!.........The issue being that i paid for a service for them to store my goods.* We both signed a contract to say my goods would be kept securely and returned on the 13th,* although due to a fault on their end i was 6 days without any furniture at all.* So they breached their own contract.* I could have kicked up a fuss but* these things happen and thats fine...

        So when there is a carpet missing then im assuming that this large item is not going to show up as it was not inside the unit.* Luckily I have a copy that states carpet missing as well as an email also showing this...................So my point is that I paid for a service that was not given to me* ie.* 6 days late with my furniture and then losing my carpet and have proof in writing and email that carpet is missing !.........So based on the words 'Carpet missing',* I am assuming that it is indeed lost so as i see myself as a logical thinker,* I bought a new carpet........Just as I would never allow water to drip into my home over a couple of weeks.* My advice on that would be to get that sorted sooner rather than later.


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          a reasonable length of time would be required I am sure for lost items to located or further agreement on lost, they instituted a search and located (I possibly mis placed item - happens in the best of companies) offered to return to you ASAP, you could not wait BUT bought another ( to use in lieu for a period of default on their part = your choice),, could make a formal complaint but how far that will go is negligible?* others may comment also!


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            as per post 2 I would not like to comment without seeing the full terms and conditions of the contract


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              You must go through the terms and conditions or FAQ's section of the company website.


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