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Street Signs

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  • Street Signs

    Hi all
    I heard off a friend that if you have a street sign on your property (fixed to your house) you can ask for a reduction in your council tax, is this true?
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    You can ask, but don't expect it to be given.
    Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 sec 74 enables road signs to be affixed to any walls fronting a road in London.
    There might be similar local bye laws if you are not in London, or a previous owner of your property has given permission to the local authority or possibly they have a covenant (check with your deeds at Land Registry)


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      We bought the house off the Council back in 2007, I was thinking of taking it down about 4 years ago when I painted the house but just painted around it instead.
      There is room on the corner outside of our property for the sign if they want move it but I'd imagine with all the cutbacks of late they wouldn't want to, there is a couple of reasons I'm asking this question.
      1. Because we live on the corner of the street right on a T junction we often get missed on bin collection days and have to go through the process of phoning them up to ask them to come and collect our waste and getting the same old excuse off them saying that we hadn't put our bins out on time and we'd have to wait up to 48 hours for collection.
      2. We recently trimmed our hedge around our property to reveal what seams that nearly every dog walker in a 5 mile radius had picked up after their dogs and then dumped the bags under the hedge, we phoned the council 4 times over a two week period to come and clean it up as it was a health hazard as well as unsightly and no-one bothered to come round and sort it.
      In the end a local charity came round and cleared it all, so yeah! I'm really wanting to give them a little grief if I can with this (My wife says I'm turning into Victor Meldrew minus the flat cap)


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        Tried moaning at your local councillor?


        • #5
          Yep, He's effing useless.
          He's never around to talk to and if you try and he ignores his emails


          • #6
            There is no provision in council tax legislation for it .

            Any reduction would be agreed with a local authority but I would say that, with well over a decade working with council tax, I've never heard of anyone getting a reduction for it.


            • #7
              Thanks for the advise, it didn't believe my mate when he told me.
              he's a good friend to have but he does come out with some class story's


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