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URGENT: Data Protection Act 1998 Breach...

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  • The reason that one booted me out was because of invented claims from another member, on more than one occasion, and the other because I ride a motorcycle and have Aspergers, which I have in writing from the then chairman from 3rd October 2014. Funny how that is never mentioned. I wish you would look at the file as i am sure you would see what I am talking about.

    Regardless, they both breached DPA 1998 as confirmed by the ICO. I don't know what incidents that they both invented has besides a side note for the courts to do with DPA. I have a strong case for DPA, and that is why they are both being like this.


    • The reasons why they booted you out appear perfectly legal. If you thought otherwise you could have challenged them at the time. As an example of why others may think the ban was entirely fair: if an astronomical club is in a quiet area, and you insist on turning up late at night on a noisy motorbike, that may well upset the neighbours.

      As it is, you have been completely eaten up by resentment over what you perceive as a grave injustice. I fear that you have lost years of your life over this, and it looks as though you are going to spend months/years trying to bring this DPA case. You would do far better emotionally to forgive them and move on. Losing the DPA case, as seems likely based on present progress, would make you even more resentful over yet more perceived injustice. Winning it, will be unfulfilling, as it's not really the DPA issues which are eating you up.

      What is more, if you do succeed in issuing proceedings that look like they might succeed, the defendants just have to pay £500 (or whatever you finally claim) and that's an end to the matter. No apology, no day in court, nothing but a small cheque.

      Incidentally, I suspect that the real reason you are having so much trouble drafting the proceedings is that you cannot separate in your own mind the trivial technical breaches of the DPA (which you can sue about) from your underlying feelings about the rejection (which you cannot). Fundamentally, the DPA breaches are of no importance, but you've nothing else to sue them about. If you do win, the judge may only award you a tiny amount, which will just make you feel worse.

      Most likely is that you never manage to get the claim issued, or it will get struck out before a trial.

      Do yourself a favour. Move on. The whole claim is a mistake. Drop it, and get on with making the most of your life.


      • Thanks for shooting my case down 2222. Charming.

        What has annoyed me is that they did what they did purposely to cause upset by spreading misleading and false information between them. I would not be surprised if they spread it further since that is what I believe they are prepared to do to prevent me from being able to use my own equipment in a dark place as the city has to much light pollution! At least 2 members have not gone back that I know of since this DPA matter came up, but I guess I could expose them in a Google+ review right? Saying how corrupt they are, how they call people like me a "f***ing retard", and breaching the DPA with false and misleading claims. That may not be good for them as a society!

        Then the whole world will know what a bunch of idiots they really are and indeed how corrupt they are!


        • After researching some more societies, it would appear that Lowestoft and Yarmouth also know about this matter because the chairman was contacted by NAS, its the same guy, I am sure, same name and everything.


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