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Seeking permission to relocate

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  • Seeking permission to relocate

    Hi, Im really hoping someone can give me a bit of advice.

    I am a single parent to a 3 year old boy. He was born in Northern Ireland. When he was 8 months old, we moved to London as his dad is a chef and said it was easier to get a job there (his dad is from London, we met while we were both working in the Channel Islands). We lived together in a flat in London for almost a year until my partners gambling addiction became too much, he lost his job and as a result he lost the flat we were living in. He didn't come home one night - went to casino after work - phoned me at 3am and said I should take our son and f*** off back to Ireland. This is exactly what I did, I packed and left before he got back - this wasn't the first night like this.
    That was June 2018, I then moved to Essex in Sept 2018 - 1 hour away from the dad on public transport - so he could be a bigger part in my childs life. He rarely bothered to visit, didn't give regular child support and often let us down. He then started looking for jobs further a field - Reading, Portsmouth etc so it was almost impossible for him to visit, I drove my son to him on a number of occasions.
    In Feb 2020 he accepted a job in Guernsey and moved there just in time for lock down. Came back in June for 4 weeks, went back to Guernsey, got arrested for breaking quarantine, got put in prison for 300 days as he couldn't pay his fine. I sent him a letter in prison saying I was starting proceedings to seek permission to move abroad and now suddenly and miraculously he has found the money to pay the fine and gets out in a couple of days apparently - he will return to England (I don't think he has a choice)

    My plan has always been to move to the Middle East or Canada, even when we were together. I am an AHP in the NHS and will find a job in these places with much better prospects. As a single mum in England, with no family support, I fear I will never be able to provide the life for my child that I want to. I feel that because my child's dad has chosen to leave the country that his child lives in, I have no legal obligation to stay in this country but I cant find anything to back this up.

    I realise I will have to go to court to seek this permission but I just don't know where to start or the best way to go about it. I earn 19,000 per year as I work part time and Im due to be promoted in the next few weeks so will be earning 25000. From what I've read this means I don't qualify for legal aid? From the prices I've seen online, I'm not sure I'd be able to afford a solicitor, do I need one? Is it worth declining my promotion until I have gone through court?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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    Have you looked at your original thread?


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      Sorry I don't understand what you mean?


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