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Jointly owned house

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  • Jointly owned house

    My wife and I seperated in Jan this year, and I moved out the house in Feb of this year. All was ok'ish until 4 weeks ago when she stopped contact with my kids. Stating I was treating my 6 yr old daughter differently to my 11 yr old son. I asked for them to expand but they never did. This is just a breif to the situation, below is what i would like help with as I feel I need to address this with her solcitor. I can't afford one so it will be coming from myself and i want it to be right.

    I got a letter today from her solcitor saying a few things, sadly none of it true, but it did agree for me to me my son and daughter on a friday after school until tea time which is huge.

    The only thing in the letter that concerns me is 4 weeks ago i had the keys back to the house we still jointly own. I noticed she had changed the barrel. So when i handed the key back i said to her you should of informed me or agreed to change the locks as we still jointly own the house. She denied it, but it was a brass lock barrel in place and not the silver yale one i replaced last year. She got very anger and lost her temper slaming the door in my face and swearing at me with my daughter present. Then she made the claim i had to as you keep entering the house. I have never once entered that on my own since i moved out, anything i've never needed i have text asking for.

    Her solcitors states i should not enter her house ( which is not true as its not her house, its jointly owned ) and that if i did again she has been advised to call the police and i could face an NMO. This concerns me as its not true at all and upsets me greatly. How do i reply to her solcitor over this keeping it factual?

    Thank you in advance of any help.
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    I should say I handed the keys back to her as i had no use of them, i stated I had the keys back.


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        And the police would not do anything as long as there is not a breach of the peace etc. Been in that situation, ex changed locks. I broke small pane of glass to get in changed barrel (and glass). Police arrived situation explained. They phoned my solicitor to verify then went away.


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          Be careful the police are very unreliable my wife was verbally abusing me for months I called the police 5 times only to be arrested on the 5th time(twice that night ) for prevention of breach of the peace She later lied that I had damaged a door that she had damaged and I was further arrested for malicious damage.
          Luckily I had started recording the arguments a few weeks before and I had the whole evening on y phone I was released no further action but I now have it on my record and she has changed the locks police will not help me they have given her a domestic violence protection officer and I am excluded from my home and my 7yo daughter police wont help me and I am the victim
          I now have police car tourets I hate the police now almost as much as I hate what my wife has done to me
          I followed all of the DV guidelines but nobody listens to the steriotypical male


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            Hi Garfield74, I am reading your post now and wondering how you got on with the situation. Is everything now calm? Let us know and will be happy to offer some advice to you.
            Although I am a family lawyer, any advice given on this forum should be taken as guidance only and should not be applied to your specific circumstances. If you are uncertain as to your legal rights, I recommend that you seek independent legal advice from a lawyer local to you. Do not forget to update us on your case. Good luck

            I work in Coventry on Mondays and Thursdays and Stevenage on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


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