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Separated From Wife

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  • Separated From Wife

    Hi, My wife walked out on me mid June last year. We were in a rented property which I still reside, she has been housed by the council in October last year. She still has a lot of her belongings here at my home, I have repeatedly E-Mailed her to come get it for the last 5/6 months now, but keeps giving excuses why she can't. My question is, how long can she just leave her stuff in my home? Have I got a legal right to dispose of it? I have asked her again in the past week, but again tells me she is unable to get at this point, surely she just can't leave it here forever! What happens if I need to move? Would appreciate any advise. Thank you Matt
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    If you know where she lives then why not take it round there and leave it? Make sure she will be in.


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      Hi Ostell,
      No I don't know where she lives, she is refusing to tell me, which is fair enough I'm not really interested in where she is, just want her belonging s gone, so I can just get on with things.


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        Looks as if you are going to have to rely on your rights under the Torts (Interference with Goods) act 1997.(schedule 1 applies)

        Basically you are an involuntary bailee i.e. you are left looking after someone else's goods because they have essentially abandoned them and this act gives the bailee the right to dispose of the goods after certain steps have been taken.
        Your difficulty will be that you need to send notice of your intention by recorded letter, so you will need to find where your ex resides.
        If you can't find her address yourself there are tracing agents .

        Otherwise keep storing items and if you intend to move just leave them behind for your landlord.
        Your tenancy probably contains a clause which permits your landlord to dispose of abandoned goods after a month or so


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          As per above post. I personally had a similar experience 15 years ago, and was more complicated so went through solicitors, but we had to send formal notice and opportunity by date/time to collect. Unfortunately if you donít and u dispose of it, she could make a claim for the value of goods against you. Maybe you could contact her via a mutual friend/relative? Keep a paper trail of all attempts you make.


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            Thank you all for your responses. Least I now know what I must do so I can get rid.

            Best Wishes to you all



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