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Family law issues and questions

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  • Family law issues and questions

    Hi All

    I need Family Law Legal advice regarding a few matters outlined below:

    1.) Appealing the dismissal of a Prohibited Steps Order due to the Children's Services report to the Court not being current and full, The Court not obtaining the CAFCASS report, and ex's witness statement being absolute lies? I was a Litigant in Person and wasn't given the chance in Court to explain, give my evidence or dispute Exs witness statement.

    2.) The factual statement from the Court says I said the children were unlikely to be physically harmed by my ex or had been. This is untrue, I said that they hadn't been and wasn't given the chance to explain. I thought they were on about the past not currently.

    3.) I have now got a specific issue Order to return the children to my ex even though I think she is a risk. CAFCASS have also stated she is a risk to the children on he phone to me, and children's services now involved due to the children being ordered to go back.

    4.) Do I write to exs solicitor and ask them for evidence of the lies in exs witness statement?

    5.) I applied for a Child Arrangements Order before the Orders mentioned in 1.) hence why CAFCASS were involved. In this application I provided a statement wanting shared contact 50/50. How do I now go about changing that to full residency due to recent events and revelations to CAFCASS regarding exs mental health and self harming while alone with children in the house.

    6.) Do you help with writing a statement for Court for a Child Arrangements Order. Do you know of any free legal help in Court that can get? I really need help and low income.

    7.) exs dad is a partner in a solicitors firm, he firstly got another solicitor at the firm to bully me on behalf of his ex... conflict of interests as he had acted for me previously, and jointly as a couple before separation. And also exs dad tried to use my name stating he acted on behalf of me and my ex to make a claim for a tenancy deposit when I knew nothing about it - thus at the same time as acting for her against me.

    Any and all help appreciated.
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    Re: Family law issues and questions

    Try going to the solicitors that offer free drop in sessions, statements are quite easy to do, loads of templates on the internet. Have you tried Mackenzie friends for advice. There is also the families needs fathers, fathers4justice, separated dads.

    I did all my own paperwork and just hire the barrister and negotiated my price.

    Make sure you keep all your paperwork, courts, solicitors, photos, evidence, polic/cafcass reports.


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