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What are my rights.

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  • What are my rights.

    I am hoping someone can advise and let me know where I stand.
    I have been with my partner for 12yrs, married for 7. We have children from previous relationships. We don't see his kids anymore, but we still see mine.
    They no longer live at home.
    When we got together, my husband sort of fell into a routine. He came to live with me in Switzerland and we commuted to see our children. I paid for everything while my husband was picking himself up and getting his business started. He ploughed all the money he made back into the business and drew a tiny salary, so that he did not need to give his ex wife a big maintenance.
    When he bought a house in the uk with the 40K he got out of his first marriage, he put that down as a deposit and I paid him monthly to cover mortgage and bills etc as he had no money.
    When his business leveled out, we put 50/50 into a pot for household, he put any extra money into the business for our pension and we used my money (over and above the 50/50) for holidays with all the kids, for ourselves, for entertainment etc etc.
    His business is doing really well now, but he still only draws the same amount of money each month.
    I was given an ultimatum over a year ago, that I had to choose my job (which I was guaranteed for life, really!) or my marriage. I was told he would pay me a salary whether I chose to work in his business or not. That I would always get my salary. I take home about half of what I used too. We still put 50/50 into the household pot.

    I am a 10% shareholder and director of the company, we are married in community of property and for so many reasons, I need to leave this marriage.
    There is no physical abuse, not sure it that plays a role.
    What would I be entitled to if I chose to leave?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    Mother hen I don't know the answer myself but to help others answer can you confirm whether you and your husband had any children yourselves, or were all the children from previous relationships?

    I assume from your post that all of the children from both of your previous relationships are now adults, don't live with you, and aren't financially dependent on you. Is that correct?
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      No, we had no children together. He has one child that is under 18 and still pays child maintenance for.


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        Does anyone have any advice please?


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          Are you in the UK or Switzerland?

          You may - that is MAY - have acquired rights in respect of the property.

          A 10% shareholding in a private company is generally meaningless unless dividends are paid or the company is sold.
          Lawyer (solicitor) - retired from practice, now supervising solicitor in a university law clinic. I do not advise by private message.

          Litigants in Person should download and read this: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/..._in_Person.pdf


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            I am in the UK, we were married in the UK. I do get a salary and draw dividends.
            The property is in both of our names as is the balance of the mortgage.


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