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Looking for the correct technical/legal terminology

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  • Looking for the correct technical/legal terminology

    Not sure if this is a Family Law or Motoring question but..
    In the event of a fatal car accident where a claim is brought against a driver convicted of death by dangerous driving and the estate of the deceased is a child, what is the correct name of the process where a pay-out will be made when the child becomes an adult?
    I am thinking that this is a sort of trust fund where money is paid into and held by a court fund until adulthood.
    I have heard this may be called a 'University Fund' within the Car Insurance industry.
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    This is quite a complicated subject, but basically compensation awarded to a minor must be authorised and retained in court until that child reaches the age of majority

    If the court can be satisfied that money is to be used for the educational benefit of the child, some may be released early.
    Any released money will be from the dependency award.

    Often the court will direct that any released money must be placed in a trust fund, trustees often being the child's carer.

    The insurance industry might call it a University Fund, but the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 does not include that terminology.

    May I ask if this is about an award being made to your grandchildren?
    If so did you manage to obtain access to them?


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      Thanks again for your response Des8
      Struggles to watchover Grandchildrens welfare continue.
      Refusal by Father to abide by any Family Court orders and its been difficult to locate them as he keeps moving.
      I obtained probate on their behalf only to find that the spendthrift father had made a separate claim and settled for a small lump sum payout instead of the Trust Fund that we were fighting for on behalf of our Daughter.
      From what I can find out much of his claim as to 'Beneficiaries' was illegal and its now become a police matter.


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        I think you should be looking for professional legal advice, not just because of the father's actions, but also because of the insurance company not paying a child's benefit into court.


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