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What evidence can I use in court? different for evidence to prove guilt vs innocence?

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  • What evidence can I use in court? different for evidence to prove guilt vs innocence?

    Brief background/context.. currently going through hell, not allowed to see my child (who's obviously the most important thing in my life, I've raised by myself and the child is now with an abusive parent) based on quite serious false allegations. So I'm a monster apparently, I've been accused of just about everything you can think of, all of which completely false. I think the biggest problem is, I think the accuser actually believe it themselves, I'm convinced they have mental health issues, but I'm scared of raising that in court, for fear of them saying that it's abusive to even think that!!

    So the issue is, the court process has just started, but the abuse towards me (which I actually don't care about happening or proving) has been happening for the last 2 years. The worrying thing is shouting at me regularly in the presence of a very young child, Children's Services and the Police etc have been involved several times. For reason's that I'll not go into, I could not leave the property and take the child, I wish I could have. Because it was going on for a while, and especially Children's Services were basically just lapping up all the lies the other parent was saying, I started recording everytime the other parent was being aggressive and abusive. Mainly voice recordings, not necessarily covert, sometimes but rarely I announced I was recording. Other times the other parent would just say "I know you're f*****g recording"..... but I've basically got hours upon hours of these recordings, and anyone in their right mind listening to them would conclude there's next to zero chance that I was ever abusive at any time.

    If this was a criminal case, I'd have no care in the world about it, because I know even without presenting any evidence of innocence, I'd more or less never be found guilty based on someoneís word alone. But in family law, with the balance of probabilities - basically tossing a coin!! I really think there's a good chance the court will believe the lies, because the same lies have been told to the Police, Children's Services, GP etc.. - the annoying thing is that any sane person could see that ultimately this is all the same 'evidence' as it's all just the same lies from the same person, just repeated to difference sources at different times. But I think the court will buy it more because various sources are saying the same - but it's all actually the same source..

    So my question is.. I know you need permission from the court to use these types of recordings as evidence. But surely, if you want to use them as evidence to prove your own innocence rather than to prove someone else's guilt, then surely it should almost certainly be allowed?

    The other issue is how much of it might be allowed. I certainly wouldn't need all of it but to maintain its integrity I wouldn't trim it down but I might just want to refer to a few minutes here and there of each voice memo.

    Anyone any thoughts on this?
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    Im having the same problem and almost gave up hope in the family court system. Itís ridiculous how a women can put so many allegations on you and the system believes them.


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