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  • Social Services

    I'm afraid I'm not a person if great means. ​​I'm looking for advice on how to find a "no win, no fee" solicitor to look into taking action following a family court case resulting from safeguarding proceedings, the behaviour of various social workers and the police officers involved. I'm also interested in how I can raise concerns regarding an expert witness, who although I suspect may be an adequate doctor, is clearly unfit to give evidence in the family court. The latter might be better directed at the GMC, but I'm not sure if this would be something a solicitor could handle.

    My family has just gone through almost a year of family court hell that came to nothing, with no findings at the end. The family guardian, a very senior one by all accounts, advised several of us some months ago that we should consider taking legal action against social services, the hospital(s) and potentially the police. My own solicitor also thought some aspects of the case didn't make sense, but was more guarded in offering advise outside her remit.

    This was despite the case being the result of a proven and rare genetic condition diagnosed early in the case and found to be a significant factor.

    I would like seek damages and highlight that aside from the lack of protection sometimes resulting from social services failing to act, sometimes the process swings too far the other way, causing trauma and damage to innocent children and their families. There were also numerous serious mistakes made by the hospital that need to be raised.

    Sadly my Google skills have only really found solicitors who specialise in other types of cases involving social services.

    Thanks for any advice or leads.
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    I cant give you much advice but i do understand you position and anger with your local social servce / cafcass. I have smeone close to me that has gone through similar experiences.

    I suggest, Do DPA requests of social services and Cafcaff, look throght the paperwork for irregularitys, or gaps were theres nothing written but should be.

    Find a fault, then use a solicitor to push it or help you sort out whatever mess they have maid.

    Its a familiar story to be honest. Social Workers should be either parents of fully grown up kids, or better, Grandparents. We seem ro have a large swath of social workers and related bodes filled with young people that havens experienced enough life yet, making lifchanging decisions on others.

    If you are going to take legal action against them, you have to go through all the regulators first usually
    crazy council ( as in local council,NELC ) as a member of the public, i don't get mad, i get even


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      I think you would have to complain to social services initially & then appeal their findings. You'd do the same for every authority who let you & your family down. But there's a timeframe for suing. I'd start with SJ edney or speak to The lawyer and the nurse in Kettering they might be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.

      It's very frustrating having been on that side of things, I totally sympathise & can absolutely believe that this happened to you & your family.
      We were badly let down by them yet weren't even given an opportunity to complain, they refused us this right. I thought they were the biggest waste of space & time on the planet. We had no rights because we were grandparents.
      I still seeth every day. And we've not seen our grandchildren for 6 years, mainly because the SS were lazy & incompetent, I cannot stand them.


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        Thanks for the response, since I last posted the case has concluded, the judge found in our favour l, but we are still waiting for the transcript after several months. Once we have that I intend to pursue any case I can against the hospital, social services and perhaps the police too. I think the difficulty will be funding any action, but I'll try those recommendations.


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