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Wales: MS (Member of Senedd) will not assist with CAFCASS Cymru enquiry

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  • Wales: MS (Member of Senedd) will not assist with CAFCASS Cymru enquiry

    This is more of a general politics question for anyone more familiar with Welsh government...

    My understanding is that CAFCASS Cymru is a separate organisation from CAFCASS, and is part of the Welsh Government: https://gov.wales/cafcass-cymru
    I can see that MPs have assisted with CAFCASS many times over the years: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/reque...ass_complaints

    When I first contacted my MS (Wales) about CAFCASS Cymru, the suggestion was that CAFCASS had to have done something wrong before the MS would help.
    So, I went and got that in the form of a judgment by the ICO that CAFCASS had not handled my data properly, that my case against CAFCASS had been upheld, and that CAFCASS had 28 days to respond.

    I then forwarded a copy of the judgment to my MS, along with my matter of complaint, and asked them to assist. I've just received this reply:

    I have reached the end of the road with how I can help you and my office has been clear that we are not able to take on casework of a legal nature. I appreciate that that solicitors can be expensive and so I suggest you take some advice from citizens advice and/or the organisations which I have previously provided you with the details of.
    I repeat again that there’s no further support that my office or I can provide.
    This is surprising because I never asked them to take on casework of a legal nature.
    And I must stress, I was NOT asking the MS to change, overturn or intervene in a court judgment, but to assist in the matter of refusal to access of data, and their breaches in data handling for which the ICO had found against CAFCASS Cymru.
    And I do not see how it can be "the end of the road", because that phrase suggests multiple previous discussions about CAFCASS.
    It was a case of: "Can you help?" "Yes, if they've done something wrong". "OK, they've done something wrong". "Sorry, we can't help". Weird.

    This MS seems to have a bit of a reputation for being lazy and passing the buck. Before I decide the next step, is this something he SHOULD have assisted with?
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