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Prepaid funeral plans

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  • Prepaid funeral plans

    my parents have just signed and made payment for prepaid funeral plans, (yesterday) and the rep left no paperwork with them at all. I am very concerned about how this was conducted and full payment taken using their debit card using his phone.
    Can they cancel this now, without a plan number or do they have to wait for that?
    I assume the 14 day cooling off period starts today and I don't want to "wait and see" if the paperwork turns up. I also feel they have been mis-sold the services too.
    We rang the bank last night to cancel the payment but were told that wasn't possible.
    The rep appears to be registered with the FCA, but the funeral plan company is not.
    Even if this is all legitimate I'm disgusted with the way this has been undertaken, no plan or policy number for their reference, no copies of the contract signed or copy of T&C's left for them to read. And then taking their money!
    As you can probably tell I am getting more angry as I write this out!
    Any advise would be gratefully received, thank you
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  • #2
    who was the company?? who was the payment made out to and if by card if it came to it and they paid in full section 75 reclaim would take place against card holder

    calm down you probably over thinking?


    • #3
      Thank you for replying
      The company is Real Assured Funeral Plans
      This is so unlike my parents that it made me suspicious immediately!
      What is a section 75 refund, I've not come across that before?


      • #4
        Well plans are made R A are operating schemes normally paperwork arrives few working days later once fully approved there's usually cooling off period as stated but if that is the plan they want it is their choice. Have you spoken to them???? Section 7&is charge back scheme. For goods etc over 100 in the event of possible disputes so why are you annoyed???


        • #5
          From their webpage -------------

          Please note, there is a 14-day cooling off period from the day you receive your plan from us. This gives you the time you need to evaluate your decision, before the plan is finalised.


          • #6
            so if they are not happy then they can cancel as such (usual clause)., but you still have not enlightened us as to the question = were they happy to go . ahead?

            If a Rep attended then they must of requested details and agree a home visit? many of us getting a lot older try and make provisions for the inevitable event.

            what have they got to say about the event, we only have your comment??? again paperwork follows in a few days is the normal.


            • #7
              what makes you feel they have been mis-sold the item/services ??? have they complained about the visit or an after thought, ??? would help to have the true story, so we can see what the facts are,

              cancel any of these in the early days as per clauses:-


              • #8
                Assured Funeral Planning is a trading style of Become like water Ltd a company registered in England & Wales with registered number 11223959.

                quality pre-paid funeral plans
                Rest Assured Funeral Plans Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Registration Number: 11072108. Registered address: Crown House, 94 Armley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 2EJ. Incorporated: 20th November 2017.

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