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Personal belongings

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  • Personal belongings

    Evening. I split up with my ex partner last year, i asked her several times if i could collect my belongings but was told no, she manage to get a Non molestation order against me preventing any contact, i emailed her solicitor on two occasions asking about collecting my belongings and recieved no reply. I have now found out that all of my belongings have to "thrown out". Where do i stand in regards to getting compensation ? And by law did she need to inform me of her intentions ?

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    (Responding to post for training purposes only. @Celestine)

    Legally, she cannot throw your belongings away. She must¬*provide you with reasonable notice of her¬*intent, and adequate opportunity for you to come back and collect anything you would¬*like to keep. Obviously, collection is a bit more tricky with a NMO but you could ask through her solicitor if you can send a third party to collect your belongings.

    If she continues to refuse, you may be able to make a claim to the court.

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