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Pressing Charges - Domestic Violence - what to do

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  • Pressing Charges - Domestic Violence - what to do

    I've been a victim of domestic violence (male victim and mother was the aggressor) and left the relationship to protect my child, almost a year after the worst of the violent episodes. The abuse and mental instability continued, but the physical attacks on me stopped. I've applied to the court but my ex has made false allegations that I emotionally abused her and that the attacks on me were in self-defence. I've been advised to press charges against my ex to hold weight to the judge and aid in any Finding of Fact hearing. However, I would like a second opinion. My issues are as follows:
    1. Would CAFCASS see this negatively against me, since they would like parents to get on?
    2. Would this have any real weight to the judge, if Finding of Fact is likely going to happen and would need to go through the details anyway?
    3. If I press charges and she gave a no comment interview, would it even hold up in court/for a caution. My evidence is photos of injuries, my word via a statement and a sound recording of what was happening from my mobile phone (where I say out loud what was happening at the time).
    4. Would this be advisable, given it wouldn't be in the interests of my son for his parents to be so bitter at each other. I do feel that she deserves to get a slap on the wrist and prevent future victims from getting injured. I am particularly bothered about point 3, because I would rather this didn't make things worse if it was just going to get ignored by the police/be NFA'd. I am told that the standard of proof is stupidly high - i.e you need CCTV evidence, or several witnesses!?
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    Most unwise -If a court find to the criminal standard of proof that she did not assault you, your assertion that she did is unsustainable


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      OK so it will count against me if the police investigate it and don't have enough evidence to be sure it happened? I have photos and sound recordings, but feel that might not be enough based on what I've been told. My solicitor has told me they think I should press charges, any reason why?


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        Ask your solicitor that question!


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          They had to question her before and NFA'd it due to me not willing to make a statement. Does this cause me a problem?


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            See my previous answer - on that note, I wish you good luck and now bow out.


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