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Child Relocation - Adjournments caused by child services

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  • Child Relocation - Adjournments caused by child services

    Afternoon Beagles,

    Been a while since i asked a question, but I wanted to get some advice, or more importantly, get put back on track, as I am losing my way a bit with an ongoing case.

    I was promoted in my job back in December 2017, and since then i have been responsible for managing a number of our operations 300 miles away from home. This has meant that i have been spending 3 or 4 nights a week living away from my wife and children. We have 3 girls, a 4yr old, 5 yr old and my step daughter is 13. My wife has been struggling without me there to help and feels as though she's got all the pressures of a single mother, and i feel like i am missing out on some really important time with my kids.

    Having run this routine for 8 months, we were both finding it extremely difficult, and decided that relocating would be the only way to carry on. Before actioning anything, we advised my step-daughters father, who immediately began proceedings with the court to block the move, and we have been working through that process ever since.

    In the last month or so, we had the directions hearing and the court appointed child services to pull together a report, but they have been nothing short of useless! They have lost 2 agents assigned to the case, and have now advised us that they wont have the report until the end of November! The next hearing was due to be on the 26th October (This Friday) and the one booked after that isn't until Feb 2019!!!

    I know it may seem unreasonable, as there is a child involved, but she has already told the child services that she wants to come with us and we have agreed more than reasonable contact with the father? This situation is unfair on everyone, and is completely down to the incompetence of the child services team themselves!

    |Is there somewhere we can complain, or is there a way to get the court to pull the hearing forward, closer to the date of the report?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Oliverjames, how did the hearing go on 26.10.2018? I am also not sure why the court should request a report from children services unless the children have been known to children services before and there is or have been previous investigation regarding the children. The court normally requests a section 7 report from cafcass to investigate the wishes of the 13 year old and then make a decision regarding the relocation. In my opinion, so far as the 13 yr old (who is of age and understanding) has confirmed she would like to relocate with you both and a reasonable contact with her father, I do not see why the hearing is dragging on.

    If the hearing went ahead, how was it?
    Although I am a family lawyer, any advice given on this forum should be taken as guidance only and should not be applied to your specific circumstances. If you are uncertain as to your legal rights, I recommend that you seek independent legal advice from a lawyer local to you. Do not forget to update us on your case. Good luck

    I work in Coventry on Mondays and Thursdays and Stevenage on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


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