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Clean brake needed from emotionally abusive ex husband? Kids involved.

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  • Clean brake needed from emotionally abusive ex husband? Kids involved.

    Clean brake needed from emotionally abusive ex husband? Kids involved.

    My wife's emotionally abusive ex husband has been persistently disriptuptive in our lives he is a sociopathic narcissist who gets a kick out of bullying others. The man continues to send abusive bullying texts/messages and phone calls to my wife, the only reason we can't make a clean brake from this person is the fact my wife and him have kids together, one is 4 he's a boy and the other is 7 and she's a girl.

    We both come from different parts of the UK, the kids and I get along great, but the truth about their father has been concealed from them to a large extent, my wife has a huge family in northern Ireland and I have family in Essex which I can get too on a one hour flight from Belfast where as from Newcastle where we live now it's a 7 hour drive to the nearest family member, we are totally without support and are trying for a baby, but in order to get by with a baby we need a family support network.

    We obviously can't simply just go because the kids abusive dad would do all in his power to stop us, what with this emotional abuse and my knowledge about the legal side of that being fuzzy I'm not sure what exactly we can do about anything, we've been putting up with his abusive whims for a year now it's severely affecting my state of mind and is having a huge negative impact on our married life.

    We're deeply in love and I just need to find a way to get this abusive bully out of our lives as I hate seeing what he does to my wife's state of mind, please help if you can I'm considerably desperate for a solution as I'm sick to the teeth with his abuse.

    She works part time as she's a full-time mum, he has them 2 nights a week and is a full-time police man, and I'm a full time masters student who works part time on the weekends, so he can afford legal representation and we really can't.

    Legal aid declined us for being marginally over the threshold despite me being unemployed at the time and us being utterly broke. Thanks In advance.

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    Re: Clean brake needed from emotionally abusive ex husband? Kids involved.

    How long has he been the ex?
    From my own experience ex's can be a pain in the rear, if only they would put their effort into their children rather than their ex partner,
    How strong a lady is your wife? A lot of how this is sorted is by the strength of the lady, once she starts to show that she is neither bothered nor concerned by him he'll back off, as I say it may take a while. Sadly I don't think there is anything that you can do as you are the red flag to the bull. Your role is purely to support your wife showing unity and strength. I suspect that he is hiding behind his position and is probably not as much a bully as he is a mouse.
    I fear that if you go legal then the only ones to get harmed are the children. ??


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