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overtime issues

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  • overtime issues

    I have a big issue and I really need to know where I stand. I currently work at a petrol station. I am a single parent of one and work unsociable hours (between 6am and 10pm) we operate 7 days a week 365 days a year. I am contracted for 24 hours a week. which is always 3 x 8 hour shifts. Normally rotas are done at least 2 weeks in advance but usually 4. This week however, the rota beginning on Monday was not done until the saturday before. I have for the last 4 months been doing overtime every single week. However, as the hours are unsociable I have to rely on my mum for childcare. She recently had to go into hospital to have a tumour removed from her bladder and I booked two days holiday for next week (more than 6 weeks ago) for 2 reasons, a) to give my mum a bit of time to recover after her operation without having to worry about my son b) to enable to me take my car to the garage for its service and MOT. I have been unable to put it in before because of the sheer volume of overtime I have been doing.

    I have my annual leave booked for Monday and Tuesday and I called in this evening to get my rota to find that instead of having 1x8 hour shift that I should have, I have actually been rostered in for 1x 6 hours shift and 3 x 8 hours shifts and my 2 annual leave days have been put in as days off.

    The only mention of overtime on my contract is as follows:
    Staff may be required from time to time to work additional hours or swap shifts. Such requests will arise to provide operational flexibility, typically to deal with problems of coverage or operational problems. Whilst such requests will be kept to a minimum, as part of your commitment to the business you will expected to respond to such requests constructively and positively.

    I have always responded in this way to overtime request, however these were always requests and discussed properly in the past and well in advance never just assumed. But this has not been discussed or requested in any way and I don't see how at this late stage I can possibly do all of these hours that I have been rostered for. I was even meant to have the day off tomorrow (sunday but got asked to work at the last minute as someone else wanted the day off. I had plans of my own but have agreed to work 6am-9am and the go back a 6pm-10pm. to provide cover. There is no way they can say I don't act constructively and positively as I rarely refuse. There was no mention of all these extra hours next week when they called me earlier to ask me about Sunday. I just feel it is very very unfair to not at least call me and ask. They have never not asked before so why now and why so late?

    My supervisor is coming in at 9am tomorrow to relieve me, I really don't know what to say to her. I am so angry at the moment. I have bent over backwards to help out for 4 months solid and I just feel this whole situation is really really unfair. Or am I wrong to feel this way?
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    Re: overtime issues

    You need to remind your supervior that, as evidenced by your presence at 9am and intention to return again at 6pm and many other occasions over the last 4 months, you have been very co-operative regarding overtime requests.
    You are contracted to work 3 x hour shifts a week. Holidays are taking days that you would normally work off. So, naturally you were expecting to only work 1 x 8 hour shift this week.
    You can't do the additional overtime requests this week. You have a great many things to do that can't be put off any longer. Next week you may be able to do some overtime if needed.
    Ask her which one of the 8 hour shifts on the last minute rota would she like you to do this week.


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      Re: overtime issues

      Thanks for the reply. spoke to my supervisor and she said she would sort it out. The area manager had done the rota and our manager walked out on Monday (which says it all) so the area manager has been covering his duties. However, I called in this morning and nothing had been done. I did say that as a compromise I would do the shifts I was rostered on for if they were unable to get them covered on the understanding that I could take my holiday next week and they said they would get back to me. Had still not heard anything by 5pm this evening so I went back in to see the supervisor and she had spoken to the covering manager but nothing had been done. I have a shift to do on Wednesday as it stands and a day off on Thursday. I am going to call in there again tomorrow and tell them that if they have not sorted the issue by the end of Thursday I will not bee covering the shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will have no choice but to assume my annual leave days for this week stand and as I would of done my 1x8 hour shift on Wednesday I consider my hours for the week completed. I don't think I am being unfair. I have tried to offer a compromise and no one is prepared to give any kind of agreeable answer, so I don't think I have much other choice. Someone correct me if I am wrong.


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