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Employment rights

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  • Employment rights

    Hi I am new to this forum and say hello to everyone. I am employed by a well known store, I only work 1 day per week and have just been given final written warning due to my attendance, I suffer with psoriasis and have been unable to go to work during bad flare ups. I have explained my condition several time to managers etc but have been told they have to follow company procedure with absence. I am having regular appointments and treatment from not only myGP but also a dermatologist, I have explained I cannot say when this condition will be cured but that I am doing everything possible to attend work. when I have flare ups it affects the skin in my arms, neck and hands, the skin becomes extremely sore, will split and bleed as well as the swelling. I am appealing the final warning and need advice on my rights or any helpful info that may help me keep my job. Thanks
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    Re: Employment rights

    Hello and welcome, do you have, or have you ever had a "sick note" or a letter from your doctor with regards to your condition that has been passed on to your employer?


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      Re: Employment rights

      Hi Thanks for talking to me, Yes every time I have needed to, the GP wrote the reason for absence "severe psoriasis


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        Re: Employment rights

        Hi suzy

        A little info regarding treatments etc here > http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Psorias...Treatment.aspx

        As for your job, how many instances of absence have you had and over what period, how long have you worked for them. Were they aware of your condition and its effects when they first employed you.
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          Re: Employment rights

          Hi I have worked for them for almost 2 years. I didnt have psoriasis then, had it now for 8 months so no not aware, I have had approx 4 periods of absence since then but because I only work saturdays, 1 day per week my % appears worse than if I worked full time. The cycle of a flare up of my condition usually lasts about 8 days during which maybe 3 of those days the pain, soreness and swelling leave me unable to go to work so its always pot luck what days are my worst. I have explained this to my manager who always replies I sympathise but I must stick to company procedure. Not very helpful!! Thanks for the link :tinysmile_grin_t:


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            Re: Employment rights

            Is there anything in your duties which trigger the psoriasis or anything you do at home.

            I suggest getting onto your GP and explain that the condition is not only affecting your health but also your job and you really need to get on top of it ASAP.
            Any opinions I give are my own. Any advice I give is without liability. If you are unsure, please seek qualified legal advice.



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              Re: Employment rights

              Hi there doesnt seem to be any particular triggers. The dermatologist suggests it may be stress related, not helped by the constant rubbish attitude from my managers. She knows about the problems I have at work but can only try and prescribe the most suitable medication for me, I have joined the Psoriasis Society and am learning from other sufferers and the large variety of treatments, its a very tricky condition with no one for all solution but thank you for your advice.


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