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Problems At Work

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    Re: Problems At Work

    If its possible to improve your working situation in a less confrontational way this can only be a good thing, and since you are now better informed about what is expected of your employers you are in a better position to take objective notes and action at a later date if neccessary.

    Communication should help sort this out, very best of luck Cara Mia xx
    Any advice offered is my own opinion and if you are unsure I would allways suggest you seek further clarification.


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      Re: Problems At Work

      Thank you for that BB hunx

      I hope it does i could really do without the stress have more than my fair share of that.

      I just wonder if there is a site for parents being harrassed too lol.


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        Re: Problems At Work

        I Have just read your thread and am glad to see you had lots of great advice which hopefully have empowered you and given you the confidence to know you can deal with any future problems as they arise. I agree you should still keep a diary and dont be afraid to talk about your problems. As an employer I would rather someone explain problems rather than let them fester. Best of luck as i know that is unpleasant to go to work each day - dreading what will happen and working in an oppresive atmosphere.

        "What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well." - Antione de Saint Exupery

        "Always reach for the moon, if you miss you'll end up among the stars"


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          Re: Problems At Work

          My Aunt a few years back went through bullying in the workplace, she followed all the proceedures and ended up leaving her job as they made her life hell. Before she left from memory had to sign to say she was leaving of her own volition, but I believe she prepared in advance the reasons why she was leaving, as she had made a diary and recorded every incident. The reason they were making her life hell was that she was doing a job which the new boss wanted for his friend and they side stepped her job to that of a more junior one.

          The upshot was that she took them to ACAS and won arround 14K+, she went through a specialised solicitor who did it on a no win no fee situation.

          You are at work a fair bit of the day and to be unhappy during this time in whatever the situation is, will eventually take a toll on you. So you are doing all the right things now and try and keep your cool when you have this meeting with the superior one.

          All the best


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            Re: Problems At Work

            Lets hope that works for you, I think its better to try the non-confrontational way first (which is a bit rich coming from soeone with such a short fuse as mine ha ha). But it makes for a better atmosphere, and then at least if it all goes pearshaped you'll know you've made every attempt to make it work before going down the formal road. At least everyone is being grown up about it which can only be a good thing.

            Good luck for the future

            and ps if you decide to punch her let me know and I'll nip round and hold your coatmsl:msl:
            Is no longer here


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              Re: Problems At Work

              Oh Wendy thankyou I LOL when i read that

              hugs xxx Scarlet


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