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Particulars of Claim - Employment Tribunal

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  • Particulars of Claim - Employment Tribunal

    Hello all

    I wonder if you could help, we are filing an employment tribunal claim and I wonder if anyone has any templates or other for the Particulars of claim section that we use to file the claim, there is space for 2,500 words. We have put something together already (although i don't wish to post it online) but just want to ensure we are doing this in the correct format.

    I don't know if your supposed to keep this brief and to the point, or explain everything in detail. Ive been to court before but not relating to employment, i assume we put together a witness statement later anyway do we ? whcih will give us chance to explain everything in more detail ?

    Also want to make sure we are referencing the law correctly in the POC, the claim is for Breach of Contract (does anyone know which law i would reference this to ? I cannot find anything on it) and unlawful deduction of wages (I understand this is Employment Rights Act 1996, Sec 13).

    thanks very much for your help in advance
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    I presume you are dealing with section 8.2 of the ET1 form?

    This is where you state what happened to you, and what you would like the Employment Tribunal to do for you. You don’t need to write every minute detail, just state what happened in numbered paragraphs. I believe if you complete your form on-line, you can write what you need to say as a separate document, save in Rich Text Format (RTF) and simply upload it. There are instructions on how to do this on the on-line form. If you are posting your claim, you can attach the details of your claim as a separate document. Write “attached” in the space, then print it off and attach it to the claim form. You can also write directly in the box.

    You will be required to produce a separate Witness Statement which needs to detail everything you wish to rely on if the case goes to a Tribunal.

    Yes, unlawful deduction of wages Employment Rights Act 1996, Sec 13. In regard to breach of contract I will need to know a bit more about to the details to direct you to the relevant section of the Act.
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