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Redundancy help please

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  • Redundancy help please

    Hi all I was hoping I can get some advice, as I'm a little concerned that the company I'm working for is doing something that they are not allowed to in relation to redundancy selection.

    I work in a team of 9 with a team lead and a manager all based and working in the UK (total of 11 UK staff).

    Just before Christmas we were all told that we were at risk of redundancy as part of a cost saving exercise.

    We were told that those in Europe would not be included and neither would those in the US, even though a member of the US team is in special measures with HR.

    Originally our manager was on his own in a redundancy group and he was at risk, so the assumption was he was going as he was a group of one in that position.

    Our team lead however was left in the UK group of 9, so that made a total of 10 based and working in the UK and we were told 3 would be made redundant.

    This was then reduced to 2, as one of the team left.

    Our employer who is a US company then decided to place our team lead and manager in the same group for redundancy selection.

    So again the assumption was that whoever was allowed to keep their position out of our team lead and manager would then be responsible for the remaining 6 UK staff (total left after redundancies had been made).

    However this is not the case, it appears that if our manager stays on our team lead will then be placed in our selection group making it a total of 9 again.

    Our team lead will then be scored like the rest of us and the 3 team members who score the lowest will be made redundant.

    With this in mind I would like to know if our employer is allowed to do this, as my understanding is that they are not as they are making someone else redundant to keep on someone else who has already been through the redundancy selection process and had been selected for redundancy.

    I have a horrible feeling that this is an underhand manoeuvre that they will be able to get away with, but just needed some advice as I will not be able to speak with ACAS until Monday at the earliest and this in playing on my mind.

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    Sorry that you have not had a response over the weekend and you may have already spoken to ACAS this morning, if so I wonder if they mentioned a practice of "bumping" in redundancy situations to you?
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