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Submitting a grievance and potential breach of contract

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  • Submitting a grievance and potential breach of contract

    Hi I have been with my employer 8 1/2 years and we employ over 300 people.

    During 2018 I had a temporary manager from an agency.

    March - he asked us all to think about our years objectives and meet with him to go discuss these and heíd look at setting some. I came up with my objectives and the temp person said heíd use those I donít know if he got them approved. He set timescales on them which I didnít agree with and did state to him the chances of getting them done in the times imposed were impossible he just ignored me.

    June - our our director announced he wanted to give non managerial staff like I was management experience through managing junior staff and staff were selected I was not part of the selection process.

    At the end of June a supervisor role was created above me I applied and was successful. I was told theyíd back fill my old role and Iíd manage that person who took my place.

    I received a letter from HR confirming everything and was told upon completion of my objectives at the end of the year which is March I would receive a £1000 bonus.

    Sept - I got a new boss and the temp one leaves my new boss looks at my objectives and said they were on-going and that itís unfair to put timescales on them.

    Present day - Iíve asked my boss whatís happening because Iíve not heard anything about the bonus and those objectives remain with no achievement date in place. Secondly sheís told me they are not recruiting to my old role so I have no one to manage. Finally my manager says sheís not even sure why the supervisor role exists.

    I was meant to start a training course which my employer knows I cannot do unless I am managing someone .

    my manager now says she needs to go and speak with HR about my role she thinks that my role will change and that my supervisor title will not remain and pay could be changed.

    HR have said as Iím no longer managing anyone I cannot do any courses when I havenít even been given the chance.

    ive also not had formal notification that I wonít be managing anyone. Iím now stuck in a role with no progression and cannot even do training limiting me completely. Do I file a grievance and have they breached my contract ?
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    In addition i feel totally humiliated by it all when Iím asked whereís your staff etc. I thought this was the start of something for me.


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      I suggest that the first course of action would be to speak to HR and raise your concerns about the current ambiguity of your position at the moment and ask whether they can provide some clarity as to what your job role is. I would also ask them to confirm that the letter you received and in particular the bonus arrangement are still in place.
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