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Please help - need advice badly

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  • Please help - need advice badly

    I am being taken to a formal meeting at work regard grievances placed against me. I work in a call centre for a major bank and we are split into 8 separate teams on the same floor. I have worked for the bank for almost 4 years and just over a year ago I was moved to a new team where my problems began.

    I have repeatedly reported management failures with incidents I have faced yet these have never been investigated or any action taken. Also this evidence I have given against the management has been excluded from my formal meeting pack even though it is absolutely relevant to what is happening.

    I have never physical attacked anybody or verbally regarding race, creed, religion, sexuality, deformity etc. yet multiple grievances regarding overheard conversations & single opinions on incidents with no backup witness statements have been stated against me. All grievances are from managers only, not one single grievance from a fellow worker. No instances of grievances against me until I joined my new team with a manager who has engineered over the course of the last couple of months this formal meeting.

    In 39 years of employment in no company have I ever had a verbal, written, final warning, also I have never been suspended or fired from any position I have held with my work history before and in the bank up to the point I joined my new team just over a year ago. I have never had issues with anybody or company I have worked for previously.

    I was presented with my pack for my formal meeting on the shop floor while I was working taking calls with the manager that will be holding the meeting, this happened in full view of other staff who could see clearly what was going on. The manager then at my desk initiated a conversation regarding my formal meeting regarding dates and who would accompany me when I attend. Three times the manager walked away and came back to carry on the conversation regarding my formal meeting and on 2 occasions gave me documents regarding my formal meeting. None of the documents were posted out to me, they were merely handed to me in full view of everybody. I was in a position where I could not challenge this as if I did I would be accused of further attitude towards managers. I believe this to be a breach of confidentiality. Also this manager that has been chosen to chair the formal meeting is apart of the inner circle of managers that are coming after me so she is in noway going to offer a independent, objective, unbiased opinion on the events that have taken place.

    In the pack regarding the formal meeting that contains the grievances are three documents, two off which refer to (Record of discussion – conduct) and one that is (Informal discussion – conduct) none of these documents have been signed by a manger or by myself, on these documents are the printed names of myself and my manager with section for the date for us to do so.

    Are these documents that have not been signed or dated by either myself or my manager to confirm what has been written is a true account of what was said admissible evidence that can be used against me?

    All witness statements regarding grievances against me are from mangers only with no backup or corresponding witness statements to verify the events even occurred or are accurate.

    I am in a position where I can go nowhere at work because the people I would approach for assistance are those that are coming for me. What should I do can you provide any assistance please. I realise this is just a basic outline but I hope it is enough for you to get a basic picture of what is going on.

    I am merely looking into the legality of what I am about to face with regards to the evidence that will be used against me in the formal meeting at work I have to attend. The three major points I need help with I have listed below. If you believe what is happening in these three points is justifiable.

    POINT 1
    Is documentation that has NOT been signed by either party to agree the content regarding meetings in respect to what was said is accurate, can this be used be used against me as evidence. These documents have never before been presented to me prior to me seeing them in the formal meeting pack. As I see it these documents represent nothing more than one persons opinion of the events that occurred regarding a meeting that can not be proven to ever have taken place.

    POINT 2
    With regards to other evidence there are statements collated by MANAGERS ONLY with regards to incidents some of which I have no recollection of, there are no corroborative statements and no statements from any other work colleague. I have never been approached at the time these incidents supposedly occurred to get my side of the story yet I am expected to recall these incidents with crystal clarity in-order to defend myself against them. These statements represent one persons opinion of something that happened that again cannot be proved. With regards to the documentation that has been collected regarding statements where my side of the account or any other corroborating statements or evidence has not been collected tells me that there has been a systematic spying campaign against me to collate evidence. Evidence that can be used to dismiss me. Would you say based on the above statement is accurate?

    POINT 3
    The management inner-circle that has grievances against me regarding any evidence of statements I have given against the management regarding there treatment of me, has never been investigated or any action taken and has been excluded from this formal meeting pack. The formal meeting is being chaired by a manger who is part of the inner-circle of management that has placed grievances against me, this manager will also judge my guilt or innocence. I believe this is merely a show trial where the outcome of my fate has already been decided?

    I am grateful for your your reply.
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  • #2
    1. Do any of these documents contain the date that the document was created?

    2. Same question really.Do any of these statements contain the date on which the statement was written?

    3. Any manager who has a current unresolved grievance against you should not be involved in this process either to gather 'evidence' or to judge the issues.


    • #3
      1. Do any of these documents contain the date that the document was created?

      2. Same question really.Do any of these statements contain the date on which the statement was written?

      3. Any manager who has a current unresolved grievance against you should not be involved in this process either to gather 'evidence' or to judge the issues.

      Regarding the witness statements they are all just incidents that have been reported via email to my manager.
      The incidents occurred on the following dates - one incident from the end of may (no actual date) - 16/07/18 - 13/08/18 - 18/08/18 and two incidents that apparently happened on the same day 13/08/18 yet have no relation to one another.
      The actual statements were taken on the 30/08/28 and one on the 31/08/18
      I swear I do not remember some of these incidents and the ones I do did not occur in the way they are stated.

      Regarding the documents from the three meetings regarding the minutes, one of these meetings I do not even remember and the other two did not happen in the way they are described.

      Regarding the manager who is chairing the meeting. This week they have started to combine teams and my team has been merged with the team of the manager who is chairing my formal meeting which means she is working closely with the manager I have had the most issues with.

      They have also excluded any information of reports of incidents I have reported regarding treatment of the management towards me. These include incidents of my own manager breaking down and crying in-front of me when I caught her in a lie, during an incident I ended up asking my manager 'Would you prefer a lie to a truth to make you fell better?' the response I got was 'Yes.' another incident was a manger accusing me of being a distant listener. I was once sent to work in a temporary team for temp workers for a few months even though I was a fully employed for questioning the level of coaching I was receiving. and more besides.


      • #4
        So, although the incidents they are complaining of allegedly took place between the end of May and 18th August but nobody thought to write any of them up until 30th/31st August.
        Have I understood that correctly?

        Are you aware of any event that happened between 18/08/18 and 30/08/18 to trigger this process?
        Did you report an incident, for example?
        Or do you think that, within management discussions about combining the teams, they may have decided to use this approach to manage you out?


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