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Cancellation of course - mitigating circumstances

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  • Cancellation of course - mitigating circumstances

    Would really appreciate some advice on this as i am getting nowhere with the companies involved.

    back in september 2019 i started an online course with the code institute which was setup with the learning people and financed through omni capital.
    it is a one year home learning course which i completed 1 assessment with no problems starting on my second module was fine but the course material was lacking with a lot of self teaching through google search and i was starting to find things a little more challenging coupled with working a full time job too was starting to take its toll

    the back end of october i was admitted to hospital with pancreatitis and i took a break from the course to give myself time to recover, i started back on the course and just found that i was getting more stressed which in turn was triggering my pancreatitis and i started to suffer with mental health (december 2019)

    in jan 2020 i was assigned to a mental health worker to help me try and deal with what i was going through and advised to try and alleviate situations of stress and i spoke about possibly taking a break from the course and seeing how i got on

    in feb2020 i contacted the code institute and explained to them that i wasnt coping with the course and that my partner was due to go into labour anytime soon and i need to take a deferal of the course this gave me a chance to take some time away from the course which i noticed that it was this that had affected my mental health.

    march 2020 i contacted the code institute and asked them about cancelling the course they told me i had to speak to the learning people , the learning people told me omni capital the financier who told me that no it was the learning people as they are the retailer,

    at the end of march i was also placed on furlough due to my health and covid 19 with the uncertainty of returning to my previous position, this was all explained to the code institue

    after explaining to them i wanted to cancel the course and having to explain about my mental health to a stranger they told me i had to fill out a mitigating circumstances form which i did and it had to be part filled by my doctor which he did. and shows on the form that mental health is a long road of recovery and they advise if i am unfit to do it i should not do it.

    april / may i recieved a response that they would not cancel the course but offer an extension as i have already started the course and am out of the 14 day window, i was fully aware of this that is why i had contacted them and they asked me to fill out a mitigating circumstances form.

    there has been an abundance of back and forth with them and i asking them how they can ignore the advice of a GP and why did they want a mitigating circumstances form in the first place if they had no intentions of helping me cancel the course.

    they claim that the timeline of information does not add up, the times and dates of contact match but the information that was recorded is not accurate i.e. feb i explained the was not coping and that my partner was due to go into labour , they only recorded due a new arrival. march that i was placed on furlough with uncertainty of returning to previous job role they recorded lost my job

    in my latest set of emails i have requested a copy of the audio recordings of the telephone calls for proof that timelines do not match and the person i have been dealing with has not responded. i am not 100% sure but i may have had a missed call from them but i would still like the response in email or written form as i believe they have not recorded the information correctly and can not produce the recordings.

    i am not asking for any money back i am only asking for a cancellation of the course and stopping of payment.
    am i being unreasonable in what i am asking.
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    I would contact your constituency M.P for help. Also suggest to them that you a considering involving a national newspaper helpline. The threat of bad publicity can be a useful lever.

    My best wishes for your recovery. Hopefully the new baby will bring light.
    These people have behaved dreadfully and you deserve better.


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      Cancellation of course and mitigating circumstances. What type of these circumstances where we decide to discuss research proposal writing service and also not perfect notes where you must have to cancel them and nothing to do for the same.


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