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New Trades Career / Menage Pantano Ltd - Terms as of Nov 4th 2019 for reference

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  • New Trades Career / Menage Pantano Ltd - Terms as of Nov 4th 2019 for reference

    The current terms can be found https://newtradescareer.co.uk/terms-conditions/
    You should check your own agreement for terms specific to your agreement as these may differ from those published.
    1. In order to evaluate the suitability of study conditions, wherever possible, we register candidates only after an experienced Advisor conducts an interview in the candidate’s own home. This allows you to ask questions and the Advisor to provide answers. However information presented by word of mouth, can be misinterpreted. Therefore, we ask you to read through these terms thoroughly. It is also important to ensure that you have checked the contents of your course kit. If you feel something is missing or it does not cover all the items outlined by the Advisor, you should contact us in writing within 14 calendar days of your enrolment.
    2. You are requested to quote your registration number in all communications with us.
    3. You must promptly notify us in the event of illness or holidays.
    4. You must promptly notify us of any changes to your address or other contact details, in order that your records can be amended.
    5. All physical materials that we issue to you become your property upon successful completion of the self-study program and when full payment has been received. The copyright in the contents of all materials that we provide remains ours at all times.
    6. You will have the right to terminate the self-study program as stated in the Notice of the Right to Cancel the Contract.
    7. We agree to absorb any increase in fees, books, materials etc which may occur before you complete your self-study program. You will be provided with a copy of any related credit agreement, which highlights repayment and other financial terms.
    8. To protect your own interests please read these conditions carefully before signing them. If you are uncertain as to your rights under them, or if you require any further explanation, please write to or telephone us at the address at the bottom of this page. We agree to provide the self-study program described on the contract along with any necessary support you may require in order to assist you in completing it. In return, you agree to pay the fees due on the agreed dates.
    9. If you are paying for your own fees and have not prepaid the entire amount, or you are to be provided with funding through a credit agreement, you must be fully up to date with the repayments to be considered to be eligible for practical experience (where applicable). If you are in arrears no further services will be provided for as long as you remain in arrears. All relevant theory parts must also be completed as a prerequisite to attendance at practical sessions.
    10. If you are temporarily unable to continue with your self-study program, due to sickness, holiday etc then provided you obtain our agreement in writing, we will defer services delivery and recommence our obligations to you at a later date, subject always to the maximum duration referred to in paragraph 16 below. However, you must continue to make your agreed payments to your credit provider. Our policy is not to cancel practical sessions after registration has taken place unless there are special circumstances physically preventing you from carrying on with the self-study program. In such special circumstances, a pro rata refund of fees may be considered entirely at our discretion. If as a result of your failure to complete your self-study program we are required to repay to any credit provider all or any part of your fees, then you will reimburse us accordingly upon demand. For the avoidance of any doubt this must not be construed as compensation of any kind.
    11. Practical sessions will take place at a venue of our choice. Should you wish to attend practical experience days over and above the number scheduled for each session, you will be required to pay a fee of £80.00 for each practical experience day. You must wear shoes with steel toecaps and overalls when attending practical experience days, for health and safety reasons. When attending the practical experience days, you must adhere to the health and safety policy of the centre. A set of tools will be available for your use at all practical experience days.
    12. If you commit any serious breach of this agreement or of any credit agreement under which the funding for your fees is provided (and the breach continues for fourteen days or more after notice from us or from the credit provider to you of the breach), we shall be entitled to treat this contract as repudiated and at our discretion we may terminate it immediately by notice in writing to you. Notwithstanding such termination, we shall be entitled to recover any outstanding payments due from you. If you fail to make any payments due to us, we shall no longer have to carry out any further obligations under this contract or any other agreement between you and us until you have paid the outstanding sums in full.
    13. You cannot transfer any of your rights or obligations under this contract to any third party without our prior written approval.
    14. You will undergo theory and practical examinations at the end of each practical experience programme. Your course fees cover the cost of all external examination fees including NVQ/QCF onsite assessments. Any additional or related costs in obtaining the NVQ/QCF qualification and related work experience, such as living, accommodation and travel expenses are not included in the course fees.
    15. Prior to going onsite to complete your NVQ Onsite Assessments it will be necessary for you to arrange to undertake two maintenance tasks and four fault fixing tasks. These tasks form part of your NVQ portfolio, but these tasks CANNOT be done at the same site where you conduct your NVQ Onsite Assessments, therefore these need to be completed before you attend for your NVQ Onsite Assessments. You need to make your own arrangements to undertake and successfully complete these tasks. You will be asked to bring specific evidence that you have successfully completed these tasks with you on the first day of your attendance to the NVQ Onsite Assessments. Please note that you cannot attend the NVQ Onsite Assessments until you have successfully completed these tasks.
    16. The duration of our delivery of services to you should normally be complete within 36 months. Your work programme will complete at the end of that period or when you have completed all the modules, whichever comes first. If we consider that you have shown good progress within the period and provided you have completed more than 50% of the course content, you may apply in writing for an extension to the period allowed. Any extension is at our discretion and a charge of £300 will be made for this service.
    17. It is not a requirement that you complete the full Diploma in order to work on a self-employed basis, and you acknowledge that should you wish to gain the full NVQ/QCF Diploma suitable work experience is mandatory, and specific tasks must be undertaken that will be formally assessed by a qualified assessor and, further, that it is your obligation to seek the work experience necessary in order to gain NVQ/QCF certification. In instances where you are unable to secure suitable work experience, we may be able to offer assistance. However, you must demonstrate to our satisfaction that you have used best endeavours to secure suitable work experience, or assessment, and provide evidence in the form of full contact details of the applications made (name, full address, telephone number and contact name) so that these details can be independently verified. To qualify for this service, all fees must be fully paid up to date.
    18. Self-study program content and/or qualifications may change subject to regulations and changes imposed by industry bodies and awarding organisations (including certification bodies). These changes are out of our control and we reserve the right to alter/amend your self-study materials as appropriate. If your self-study program follows the NVQ/QCF program, or, in the case of domestic gas students, the ACS assessment program it is assumed you have read, understood and accept the conditions as per the declaration signed on enrolment.
    19. Subject to your complying with all the terms and conditions we agree to provide to you the necessary teaching books and materials and to arrange for the practical training at a relevant juncture to enable you to undertake the studies for your chosen course.
    20. In the event of a dispute relating to this contract and its terms you may in the first instance approach our Customer Service team by calling Freephone 0808 1699841.
    21. Sufficient of your personal data (your full name, contact details and date of birth) will be held to enable us to fulfil our obligations under this agreement between us (Menage Pantano Ltd., and You), for the performance of the contract or if we need to make contact with you in respect of the agreement. We may use your email address to send you news and relevant information about the trades industry that may be relevant and beneficial to your qualification. Practical Training is a substantial part of your study program we will pass your personal data to the third party company that provides Practical training on our behalf. They may contact you prior to your attendance with any necessary information you will need. Your personal data will be held securely for the duration of this agreement and for as long as we are obliged to in law. It will not be shared with any third parties for marketing purposes. Menage Pantano Ltd is the Data Controller and you are entitled to know what data we hold, the full terms of our Privacy Policy and your rights in respect of data protection. If you have any request regarding your data protection rights or concern with processing of your personal data please send us request via email to dataprivacy@mp-ntc.co.uk. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with data protection supervisory authority which is ICO if you are not satisfied with our response.
    22. Should you choose to cancel the course within the statutory 14 day cancellation period any related credit agreement will automatically be cancelled. If you have paid a deposit under the contract you will be entitled to a repayment of the same provided you have returned to us all the course materials received by you at the time of enrolment.
    23. This contract shall be governed by English Law and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute.
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  • #2
    any advice how I can get out of an arrangement with this company please?


    • #3
      Following, am in a similar situation, found myself paying in effect for nothing with no apparent right of cancellation despite not having used the service.
      I'd be pleased if some of the funds I've paid to them might be recoverable.


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