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How to Write Effective Amazon Appeal Letter

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  • How to Write Effective Amazon Appeal Letter

    Does your Amazon Seller accounts has been suspended? If you have received that dreaded note from Amazon saying that your privileges are revoked, the bad day' song likely strikes a chord. Unfortunately, Amazon will need some serious convincing to reconsider the accounts suspension.

    Measure Step 1. Wait And Analyze
    You can also send several responses, but attempt to carry out all of your searches early, to help speed up things.

    Measure Step 2. Research
    The Things If any ASINs are mentioned in the suspension email, it would be wise to look at your documents for the sales history and client feedback for those goods. Then check your aged notifications and warnings, and attempt to find a pattern. It could be something as simple as a massive shipment being damaged in transit, which triggered a lot of complaints and warnings for non-compliance with condition guidelines within the course of a couple of weeks, even though it was the only time you've had a damaged shipment.

    Measure Step 3. Find Hidden Clues
    After checking the obvious (i.e. requests, feedbacks, notifications), assess whatever else may be a sign. Some of the best places to look at would be the imperfect orders record, product reviews, your returns, along with your provider's background. If the issue hasn't yet been brought to your attention before, analyze your Amazon business and its performance. Doing so could help you realize how you could prevent situations such as these when you are captured off-guard.

    Measure Step 4. Get a Plan
    Once you've found your weakness, follow it back until you discover the reason behind it, the amount of times it occurred, and the way you responded after each warning. Afterward, put pen to paper and ensure you reveal Amazon how you have tried to solve the issue before. Be succinct, address all the related issues, and formulate your paragraphs coherently and orderly. When it's not related to the suspension, then it is not worth mentioning in the appeal. If you want Amazon to provide you another shot, you need to show that you have a plan and that you won't repeat this error. Find corrective and preventive steps for each of the issues you identified in Steps 2 and 3.

    Measure Step 5. Make Last-Minute Changes
    Based on the reason for the suspension, then you may be able to show Amazon that you mean business, and score some bonus points, even should you start to reevaluate a few of the thoughts in Step 4. It could be a series of small modifications, like updating your inventory management system, or as important as changing courier and hiring more shippers.

    Measure Step 6. Submit Your Appeal
    As you're on standby, keep putting into practice what you have set out to do from the'plan of action', so that Amazon's verdict doesn't catch you off-guard. Also, take note that from this point on, you'll only have the ability to reach Amazon by calling the Performance Team through email, or submit a circumstance.

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    It does have the ring of spam to it but may be useful to some.

    I've had Amazon suspend me for late shipments, which was fairly easy to put right: you just need to follow exactly what they want you to do; do it; tell them you've done it.

    I then had my account suspended, which, believe it or not, took five attempts to get restored. You may have to read between the lines as they don't necessarily make it clear exactly what you did wrong and what you need to tell them, but if you can't figure it out you're stuck.

    They also kept a few grand of mine, which took around 4 months to retrieve. This wasn't quite as difficult as getting my account restored due to Amazon trying to 'blackmail' me to keep selling with them in order to get my funds released and me threatening them with civil, criminal and regulatory action. I've never received a quicker bank transfer!


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      Originally posted by smith
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