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    City & Guilds have given me a link to prove that the course is accredited - for a while there I was beginning to think that it didn't exist at all:


    I've found a mediation service nearby and I have been looking up things about small claims court and preparing myself to go down that route. I don't know if I have any chance of success - I thought I need to really think through my legal case/argument before completing the mediation letter and sending it but I'm hoping to have it done within a week or so.

    I've sent a Subject Access Request to Train2game, I might do one for the credit service too.


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      Does that seem hopeless? To argue against the contract? I am approaching it as misrepresentation by the salesman which is also verified to a degree by the Train2game website from the time which claims 'students progress at their own pace' and doesn't mention anything about a 36 month deadline even with multiple pages about the courses, the game design course and even a downloadable course guide and study plan.

      That seems to be a direct contradiction and with so many opportunities to mention this appropriately it seems suspect to only have it buried once amongst a stack of promotional material.

      Similarly while it says 'this course leads to...' with the City & Guilds logo all over the material at every opportunity, the fact that the City & Guilds is actually ultimately entirely complete and seperate - so this is further misleading.

      Then there are all sorts of further claims about the course content, industry links and so on which seem further evidence of potentially misleading promotion.

      How would you go about putting websites as evidence in a small claim form? What about a video like the Rob Ager Skillstrain one if that is appropriate as further evidence? Is there any point to collecting other peoples complaints to indicate that it is an potentially intentional sales policy?

      Is there a potential legal perspective upon the culmination of all these things essentially indicating the fact that they are selling an inappropriate/sub-standard product/service and they're aware of it?

      Also how does it work in terms of a cooling off period when you don't ultimately see the full course (and realise it doesn't contain all you were told it would until completing it?

      Can you kind of say you never even began the '36 month time limit' if it was so sub-standard it didn't count as being the service you were sold?

      I think that I need help but I also feel ashamed of being duped and scared to post online.
      Last edited by lmlmlm; 22nd September 2018, 14:06:PM.


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        I have sent Train2game a letter attempting mediation through a local organisation with numerous mediation accreditations - approved mediation provider for the Ministory of Justice, Accredited Mediation Provider by the Civil Mediation Council, Accredited Mediation through 218 Strand (previously LSM), Professional Member and Trustee of the charity Society of Mediators, Members of the National Mediator Database, Fellow Member of the Chartered Management Institute (all taken from their website) and in their reply Train2game have written (amongst other things):

        'We would inform you, that as a company licensed by the FInancial Conduct Authority (FCA) we only accept dispute resolution submissions from bodies recognised by the FCA, specifically in this case the Financial Ombudsman Service.'

        Is this accurate? I don't think that I have time to go through the Ombudsman before six years elapses from my signing the contract. They also mention Carnegie Consumer Finance in the letter and my finance agreement - my dispute, complaint and mediation letter never mentioned anything about my finance agreement (which was with Career Finance 4 Trade Skills)not Carnegie Consumer Finance anyway), but misrepresentation and so on; I had already fully paid off my loan when I was kicked off of the course.

        Can anybody help me with this? I didn't expect mediation to work, or even for Train2game to engage with it but assumed that I should try anyway so it didn't reflect badly if I go to small claims court - is what they're saying true or will it now look like I have at least attempted mediation if I go to court?

        I also received the letter on the 26th October by recorded delivery (I've been sending everything that I send to them by recorded delivery, they also have multiple addresses registered too) but they've dated it 5th October - particularly relevant since they say to complain I must: 'contact the Ombudsman within six months of the date of this letter.'
        Last edited by lmlmlm; 28th October 2018, 15:56:PM.


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          I don't know if anybody is interested but I have filed a claim against Metropolitan International Schools (t/a Train2game) and just received their defence this week.


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