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In need of a lawyer in the South West of UK for education issues SEN.

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  • In need of a lawyer in the South West of UK for education issues SEN.

    Hi, my son is 15. Since year 1 I have been asking his teachers / SENCO / school / Local authority to do a dyslexia test and the NHS to test for Autism etc. We've been fobbed off every which way possible. He's been bullied so badly for being a "retard" (the bullies words) that at 10 he tried to take his own life twice, still the school wouldn't listen and the NHS said it was the schools problem. Weve had Heads of House lie and say he has passed dyslexia's tests (when he hasn't even sat one) and tell us he is just "trouble".

    Just before Xmas, along with everyone else, he was tested to see if he needed any help in his exams next Summer. He had one of the lowest schools the school had ever seen. Suddenly the SENCO appeared and tested him for dyslexia. Again a really low score that sent people into a frenzy. We paid to have a private assessment and have a 30 page report that details all of his learning, speech therapy and occupational therapy needs. The NHS have, on the back of this, agreed to test for Autism, suspected Dyspraxia and Aspergers.

    He has failed all but 2 of his mocks. The subjects where the teachers "get him", treat him like an adult and don't make comments like "if you had a brain you'd be dangerous" he's scored a high C and low B so he has the ability. The school are now hastily agreeing to apply for an ECHP.

    All he wants is to be a farrier, he has a gift with horses and Im getting no where in getting the school to accept responsibility for screwing up and coming up with a plan to support him to get the grades he needs. (Over 10 years I have sent 352 emails asking for testing, outlining the problems, met with SENCO's, teachers etc etc been called a C**t by a head who told Aaran he was taking up too much of his staff's time.

    So, I want some help to challenge them as he has 3 terms left and I need this battle resolved quickly. I don't care if its a national Solicitor. I just want a specialist, I want a Rottweiler who will get my son what he needs and if needed, sue Local Authority and the NHS into oblivion for their negligence ( which the educational psychologist is happy to support) so my son can at least stop feeling like his life is over and its all his fault. Very happy to go to the press and high light what really happens to SEN kids in our education system.

    Please help.
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    Has your son tried dyslexia overlay cards until you can find an appropriate solicitor? They are available on Amazon.


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      Having been there, i appreciate your frustration.
      Can't recommend a lawyer, but wondering if you ever appealed to the Tribunal for SEN ?


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        We've tried everything over the last 10 years. He's seen specialist opticians who deal with colours, overlays but no colour actually made any difference, different tools etc.

        In terms of a tribunal - we have only just applied for the ECHP to the Council as in all this time - no one has ever admitted we, as parents can apply for it ourselves!!

        We have been pushed from pillar to post, lied to, ignored and bullied. It has truly been horrendous. One of the things that has come from one of the assessments we have had done is that our son has PTSD from the treatment he has sustained both within the system and from his peers.

        Its both having the ECHP now and telling the school what their responsibilities are and making sure they uphold them - he finishes at Easter 2019 - and taking action if they don't.


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          Whether or not it is worth suing the school or LEA I cannot judge.
          You might find a solicitor on our sister site https://justbeagle.com/ or try googling "sue school/LEA failure to provide ECHP" to see if any there can help.

          Good luck, and best wishes to your son


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            very old thread....


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