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  • Kitchen

    Hi Team
    last year I had a new kitchen installed by a well known kitchen company. Sadly the issues started almost straight away as the installation date was missed. Then the install was extremely poor wit bits missing, doors wrong size, items damaged etc. I complained and they sent round a tyre kicker. He basically said oh chipped internals were normal and I wonít see them anyway etc. I again approached the company and advised this wasnít good enough especially in such a high end product (40k !!). They have subsequently had 8 further attempts to correct but itís not right with doors not fitting properly and mis shaping. I have asked for compensation but they said they donít offer any financial reimbursement. The relationship broke down completely at this point and I have said enough is enough and obtained full refund via my credit card provider who reviewed the evidence and agreed with me. The company are now seeking full payment again via letters from their solicitors. Can anyone advise where I stand. I feel I have been more than reasonable with the company and given it was still not right after 6 months and 8 further visits I had every right to ask for my money back under my Consumer Rights. Any help much appreciated*
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    can you post up copy of solicitor's letter(s) first removing identification details, please?


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      Not so easy itís pages long*
      what bits are you interested in. They say there are no defects which is ironic because they have been back 8 times and replaced all draws and doors. They also state limitation of liability means no obligation to provide financial compensation yet the contract says they will for defective goods*


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        Originally posted by David Rid View Post
        Not so easy itís pages long
        what bits are you interested in. Difficult to say without reading it They say there are no defects which is ironic because they have been back 8 times and replaced all draws and doors. They also state limitation of liability*any idea what limitation* they refer to, or where it is stated ? means no obligation to provide financial compensation yet the contract says they will for defective goods
        Limitation of liability clauses are common in commercial contracts, but if they are too wide they can be deemed unenforceable as unfair
        The Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA2015) part 2 lists terms which may be unfair*http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/...part/2/enacted

        Regarding the actual kitchen and its fitting again CRA 2015 is your defence.
        The Chapter 1 deals with the quality of the goods and your remedies if the goods do not meet required standards
        Chapter 4 deals with services and your rights and remedies regarding those services

        Without more info it is difficult to suggest how you should rebut the solicitor's demands



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          Hi just by way of a update the company concerned have now been out for the 8th time and are replacing all of the kitchen cupboards doors for the third time. I really donít think I am being unreasonable in expecting this to be the last tine as I canít keep spending time allowing for their visits to inspect correct issues only for more problems to occur. This fitting when they eventually make the new doors will be the nineth time. They want to change the design as well which goes against what I agreed to in my initial so I have said no to this. Clearly their is a product issue as the door continue to warp

          any advise ?


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            Well as you have all your money back, it is for them to do the chasing.

            You need to decide if you want to keep the kitchen as it is, and if so how much you would be prepared to pay for it.
            That will give you a target* for negotiating a price reduction.
            On top of that get a quote from another (reputable) firm for a quote to correct the installation
            That will give you a figure for the damages you could claim on top
            If you don't want to retain the kitchen, give them a time in which to remove it as it has not proved satisfactory and they have shown themselves incapable of correcting it.
            If they refuse you could have it removed and charge the cost to them.


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              Shame you advertised on a UK site, not much business there!


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                I also initially had problems with the kitchen, I already did not know how and what to do to fix it and then I just spent the money and time on the repair and everything went well, so I do not regret anything. Now I buy as many cooking tools as possible, because I found my hobby in cooking. Greek yogurt maker is one of my recent purchases and I really like making yogurts with her help. I decided to buy this thing by looking at review and I did not regret it a bit. I am very grateful to the site, which showed me how simple this process is. I advise everyone to purchase, because it is very convenient when you cook yogurt in the evening for yourself in the morning.
                Last edited by Lokibakb12; 18th May 2020, 16:46:PM.


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                  Sorry, but what has that to do with a defective kitchen ?.


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                    Well, what can I tell you, at the moment I have no problems with the kitchen, so I told you about what happened before and since there was no point in talking about the problem that I had already decided, I decided to talk about my hobby, why you donít want to continue the discussion about something?)


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                      I wonder how long "plumbing orange County" take to respond to a UK emergency


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                        Originally posted by Colona
                        Why didnít you check before buying, if they give you compensation for it? I think they must do it. It is very strange the fact that they donít offer any financial reimbursement. I didnít have such problems with my kitchen. I ordered the best RTA Kitchen Cabinets at a good price, with free delivery. This kitchen has more than 7 years and its condition is more than great.
                        Is that with free delivery to the UK????????


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                          Originally posted by Colona

                          See the link I attached
                          It doesn't say.


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