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Claim for Negligence and personal injury by kitchen fitter

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  • Claim for Negligence and personal injury by kitchen fitter

    Good morning,

    Just hoping for some advice please. A few months ago we moved into a social housing property, before we moved in a brand new kitchen was fitted. Fast forward almost two months after we moved in and one morning one of the double kitchen units that was fixed up onto the wall suddenly came crashing down hitting my husband in the back and narrowly missed my then 6 year old child. It turns out that the unit was not fitted correctly using saftey brackets and also behind where the unit was there is an old brick air vent from the pantry that was previously there before the refit and it was not correctly filled in and was just stuffed full of rubbish so nowhere for the safety brackets to be fixed to. It's really affected us financially as my husband had to take 6 weeks off of work, he had to go back to work as we simply could not afford for him to not be at work - he is the only one who brings in an income due to my disability/illnesses and we started getting really behind with our bills ect. He's back at work but on reduced hours and light duties and now no chance of overtime in his current condition with his back. This whole thing has affected so many aspects of our lives, i.e He's not been able to care for me properly due to his back (i.e can't lift me out of bath ect) it's put us behind with bills ect, it damaged items like our toaster, hoover and food items. Its mentally scarred both my husband and our young child - our child will no longer go downstairs on her own 'incase something else happens' which is understandable but also really inconvenient (not her fault in the slightest) as our only toilet in the property is a downstairs one so makes life difficult with my illnesses and my husbands back pain. Its affected the little things like being able to play with our children outside i.e football, play fighting ect. It's affected our physical relationship ect. Just don't know what to do or expect. The firm have fired the person responsible for it and are now investigating it (they've already admitted the guy didn't fit safety brackets and that it shouldn't of happened) and we just wanted to know what to expect as we've never heard of anything like this before let alone having it happen to us or anyone we know, its completely new territory for us and are finding it quite overwhelming to be honest.

    Has anyone experience anything like this before? Anyone know what the process is? Sorry for the ramble,rI could'vegone on for ages about how this has affected us but tried to keep it as short as possible.

    Any help and/or advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards,

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    The best advice is to see a solicitor.

    You should be able to get an initial consultation free, at which you explain what has happened.
    The solicitors will be able to work out what you should receive in compensation and pursue the company responsible, who will also pay your solicitor's bill.

    I imagine the company will actually make a claim against their insurers.


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      Thankyou for your response. Will look into seeing a solicitor
      Feels like we're in a mine field, it's all just a complete nightmare!


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