Hello, I sent my defence (parking ticket - MET parking services) to the court via email on 22/12/23 on the instructions of one of their advisors, and received an email acknowledgment the same day. On 15/03/24 I received a letter telling me that because I didnít file a defence, I had to pay the fine and costs and that I had been issued with a CCJ. In the meantime my mortgage is up for renewal and the CCJ means that I canít take advantage of a lower rate which in turn means that I may lose my home. I have called the court many times and had different advice every time, a solicitor friend called the court for me and got different advice again, I have emailed many times but no one will take responsibility. Is there anything I can do? I was advised by my solicitor friend not to apply to have this set aside on the advice of who she spoke to as this could take up to six months and this needs to be dealt with asap. Itís causing a lot of stress, any help greatly appreciated!