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Caught shoplifting once, but have done it multiple times before

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  • Caught shoplifting once, but have done it multiple times before

    So I got caught shoplifting at Debenhams, and I was taken to a room and was interrogated. They took down my name and address as well as some receipts to check my prior visits. I'll also be receiving RLP letters in a few weeks.
    They said they'd be in contact with police if they found any other times I shoplifted. Since I have shoplifted before, It's very possible they could find evidence. Is it likely they'll pursue me and go to court? I'm very worried and uncertain so some advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Caught shoplifting once, but have done it multiple times before

    Hi and welcome

    I suppose the only way they could see if you had stolen from them in the past would be to scroll through their security cctv records.
    I doubt they will even bother to waste their time, as even if you were seen to have picked an item up they would need for the cameras to keep you in view the whole time you were in the shop, show you hadn't dropped the item and then left without paying, to enable a charge of theft to stick. Most unlikely IMO that the police would press for court appearance if they took any action at all. Perhaps a caution.
    If by chance you should be invited to an interview with the police do take your own solicitor or ask for the duty solicitor. Do not go unaccompanied, they are not being friendly!

    You will get a series of scary letters from RLP which you may ignore.
    Preview available here: http://legalbeagles.info/forums/show...=scary+letters


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      Re: Caught shoplifting once, but have done it multiple times before

      Thank you for your response. There may be a few incidents but the items aren't worth much. I hope this blows over as I realise this problem of mine is more serious than I thought. Thank you again for your insight.


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        Hi Excelsior, Any news?


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          Do stores LP officers check all caught shoplifters for possible cases in the past? Because it is pretty common that it was not the first case. Just was not caught before.


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            Can't see them wasting their time, and how long do they keep old CCTV records anyway (week/month?


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