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Yet another used car conundrum

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  • Yet another used car conundrum

    I bought a used car 2k. It developed a missfire and other faults. Gave the dealer a chance to fix them. The fix didn't work to my satisfaction. In the meantime another fault was found.
    After 2 weeks I emailed the dealer. Told him I wanted my money back. He insisted he see the car first and emphasised that he would NOT be issuing a cheque until he has had the chance to examine the car. Took it back to him and left it with him. One week later I got an email. The missfire was fixed. He was however at great expense to himself, going to have an independent engineers report. He was inferring that the second fault (back seats soaked in oil) was perhaps something I had done because his valeters insists it wasn't there when they cleaned the car. The oil is deep into the seats and comes through when the sponge is subjected to any pressure. I didn't see it until the 4th time my wife's clothes were ruined. We just could figure out where the oil on her clothes was coming from.

    ​​​​​​He has now had the car for 3 weeks. I emailed once again quoting the consumer rights act. He has not replied.

    So here is my dilemma. The car is in my name. I am paying for road tax and insurance and breakdown cover.
    But the car is 25 miles away (as far as I know!). I have told him I have rejected the car and am going to issue a small claims court claim.
    So what happens to a car registered in my name? There is nothing stopping him from simply parking it on the road. For all I know it could have parking tickets galore.

    Would it be ok for me to get the car back. Park it up my drive and SORN it? How would that sit with my "rejection" of the car?
    Theoretically I could be paying to keep a car on the road and not even see it for months?
    It's a dilemma.
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    I think you have answered the problem yourself, SWORN stop that straight away. Insurance advise the Insurance Co but advise them of the problems encountered, send the dealer by E-Mail if possible of you actions so there is no confusion, and you have proof of your actions, also copy him a letter requesting a refund and actions you have taken so there is no confusion and as advised Proof of Posting at the Post Office.


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