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gross misconduct for theft, extremely anxious

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  • gross misconduct for theft, extremely anxious

    I created a thread recently discussing my case. I'll give a brief explanation. I work in a food store and on my break during my shift I would take food and not pay for it, some times I would, some times I would completely forget. I am not sure as to how much the total products amass to but I would highly doubt that it came to more than 1000 and that is at the extreme end.

    I got suspended last week so they can investigate. I had a meeting yesterday (Thursday) where they showed me footage from last month showing me taking products and not paying. I have a further meeting at a later date to discuss the outcome. I am extremely anxious and panicked as to what will happen, I have accepted my job is lost now, but I am more scared of any police action. I can't sleep, I have lost interest in everything and my constant worry has made me lose my entire appetite.

    I understand it is my actions that have caused it, but it's not like me at all. I didn't take the items in a malicious way. I worked in a managerial position and was given numerous occasions where I could have took money, but I would never do that, so I am puzzled as to why I have taken products without paying.

    Like I said my main concern is police action and possibly prison. What that does for my future, I have lost any hope for a positive future and so my present just seems like a waste of time. I am very lost and I am living in constant anxiety attacks, anyone have any advice that can possibly clear the situation up for me. Thank you all, take care.
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    You need someone to talk to. I suggest contacting a mental health support group who could help you come to terms with the issues.
    Are you able/allowed to have a meeting with a line manager who knows you. Then you can share everything.
    I think if they were going to involve the police it would have happened much sooner. In legal matters it is insignificant.
    A hoped for outcome would be a strong warning. If you worked in a managerial position you must have had some status. They could recognise it as out of character. It's easy for me to say but don't imagine the worst.


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