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Barclays Rate Swap problems II

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  • Barclays Rate Swap problems II

    I have asked for the original thread to be removed, sorry if it disappeared whilst you were following it !

    The info. on the original thread was getting a little confusing, so I will be reposting a simple outline of what to look for if you are having problems.

    Its important to note that I am neither a solicitor, accountant or financial adviser, so what you read is offered in the spirit of friendly helpfulness from a fellow sufferer - some of these deals are potentially worth hundreds of thousands, so I will always recomend a solicitor experienced in these toxic products.

    Will post the detail tomorrow.



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    Re: Barclays Rate Swap problems II

    Sorry for the lack of posting....

    I am awaiting a decision from the FOS on 3 key areas of complaint, this is due in the next week or so, so will update when I have the correct info.

    In the meantime......

    if you think you have a problem or a complaint, and you are a sole trader pr partnership - submit a Subject Access Request before doing anything else, the info it will provide is vital to support a complaint as it reveals far more than the agreement documents from Barclays Capital.



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      Re: Barclays Rate Swap problems II

      What do you submit if you are a private limited company? We have a similar situation.


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        Re: Barclays Rate Swap problems II

        Well, if your turnover is over 1m then the FOS wont handle a complaint.

        below that, well, it depends what you wish to complain about and why.

        I'm stuck in the FOS sausage-machine at the moment, so wont update this thread until I have had a decision one way or the other, but feel free to pm me your situation and I will offer what help I can.

        Prior to a complaint, you need to go through the banks compalint procedure, but before doing that you need to check your paperwork etc, no point complaining about the swap being 'unfair' cos they wont take any notice.

        Will wait to hear from you.



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